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Ace Hanson vs Angel - Custom Video Series 01

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

This is the FIRST installment of our new CUSTOM VIDEO SERIES...What is it? I'm glad you asked, custom videos happen when you "the fans" write out a script, scene, and tell us who you want to be in the video. You get to request moves, why they are fighting, what the wrestlers will wear, etc and then we work hard to make your scene come to life. The fan does pay a fee to make all this happen but then allows us to sell this video online in our store so other fans can enjoy. You can watch this scene recently created by a fan in Florida, that he wanted to share with everyone. Why is Angel eyeballing Ace Hanson at the gym? Angel's always been everyone's punching bag in Thunder's Arena but nobody knows that he trains really hard to get bigger everyday. Ace has never liked Angel's cocky attitude and doesn't like how he trash talks the other wrestlers especially since he's so small. Ace hates smaller guys who don't respect him and just keeps building up inside him that someone should teach Angel a lesson. Ace uses every CRUSHING hold he can think of to break Angel's cocky attitude and get him to learn respect. They start out in mercy but Ace quickly wins and moves onto smashing Angel's face into the mat with his chest and biceps over and over again in various headlocks. He was smashing Angel's face into his chest during the headlocks trying to get him to submit. Ace then takes Angel's face and grind it into the mat as well putting ALL his body weight on top of Angel to really really teach him a lesson in crushing pain. Angel squeezes out barley and tries to launch an offensive but Ace has 20 inch arms and 30 inch thighs that start getting tighter and tighter, crushing against Angel's body in body scissors and after that he switches to head scissors. Ace Hanson's legs are way bigger than Angel's head and Ace hears Angel start to beg, "please no...stop...I'm sorry." softly as Ace keeps GRINDING and GRINDING the holds on tighter and tighter. When Ace puts the smaller wrestler in a leg scissors, his massive thighs look even bigger than Angel's body in places. The punishment keeps up with school boy pins and arm bars to where Angel starts to lose his will to go on as the submissions happen over and over they seems to never end. I can't even talk about how this ends. It was heart breaking to see Ace just gut punch Angel our toughest, cocky, wrestler over and over while trapping in between his massive thighs. This move alone will leave you on the edge of your seat... Will anything stop this brutal chest to face smashing submission style match? Has Ace Hanson snapped and gone over the edge to the "dark side", taking pleasure in hurting guys smaller than him? You have been warned, this match is ROUGH.