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Slash vs Conan - Rough & Ready 18

$ 31.88

Newly released from our vault

Straight from the land down under, professional bodybuilder Conan has come to Thunder's Arena with only one thing on his mind: total domination. His opponent Slash is ready to hit the mat and take on this giant Aussie even with a recent hand injury. Conan has no problem immediately snatching up Slash in a rear headlock and tossing him to the ground. Not about to be outdone by some goon, Slash takes him to the ground, but ends up in yet another headlock. Seeing the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation, Conan grabs Slash's injured hand and brings him to his knees with a few rounds of mercy. Slash manages to get Conan to the ground once again and attempts to submit him, but he easily rolls right out of it and takes control with a full Nelson. Talk about adding insult to injury! Slash finally sees a great opportunity to take this lummox to the ground and locks him into a devastating head scissors. The mighty giant retaliates by wrapping his massive arms around Slash and begins to squeeze the life right out of him. Slash decides it's time to make Conan's legs bend in ways they weren't designed to with a brutal Boston crab and immediately follows up with a neck-twisting camel clutch. Witness Conan unleash his Aussie rage and see more Boston crabs, choke lifts, gorilla presses, gut punching and more!