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Frey vs Red - Battlespace 57

$ 39.95

This all starts when bully Frey picks a fight with Red, who is doing some pushups by the pool. Frey steps on Red a few times and dishes out some trash talk. Its not long before Frey has gotten Red into a leg scissors, a bear hug, an abdominal stretch, delivers a few gut punches and a forearm smash, sits on Red and calls him pathetic as dazed Red can hardly breathe. And this is just in the first few minutes. Red is a tough guy and a skilled wrestler, so he gets in some offense. Red even gets Frey pinned for a two count. But Red never really does more than slow the relentless onslaught of Freys

brutality. Freys beating includes back breakers, an atomic drop that leaves Red doubled over on the mat writing in pain, lots of stomping, sleeper holds, camel clutches, a Boston crab, a knee to the back with fishhooks to the mouth and lots of gut punches. Frey even gives Red a wedgy. Near the end, Frey delivers a series of gut shots and then lets Red drop to the mat after the punches. Then, deciding Red needs more, Frey stands Red up and delivers another round of punches to Reds abs. Frey does this four times. Incredibly, that's not the finishing more that finally causes Red to give. What starts as a wrestling match eventually turns into a humiliating beating as cocky Frey methodically works over muscular Red until the tough wrestler is forced to say I give over and over. The beat down is so thorough, that when Frey is finally satisfied with his total domination of Red, he literally sweeps Red off the mat with a broom, like so much garbage. Youll want to see that for yourself.