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Tak vs Maveric - Battlespace 75

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Maverick is the latest addition to the Thunder's Arena roster and at 6' 7" with 300 lbs of solid muscle he may be the biggest addition since huge Troy Stevens mopped up the mat in two matches with Z-Man and Tony years ago. Maverick is jaw dropping big, with huge pecs that he loves to bounce, thick powerful long legs, big bulging glutes and massive guns he shows off to intimidate guys like TAK who are foolish enough to get on the mat with this tattooed beast. There's no doubt TAK has held his own against some very big men on the mat, and TAK's got some muscle on that hot body of his. But when TAK stands next to the towering Muscle beast Maverick, he literally looks like a child. Maverick knows TAK is nothing more than a play toy for him and you can tell he enjoys dominating the little guy with ease. Maverick literally throws TAK around the mat with no effort at all. He picks TAK up off the mat by one leg and just dangles him over the mat before dropping him or throwing him. He presses TAK over his head for multiple reps with ease, enjoying the light workout. The display of power by this huge beast is unreal. But Maverick isn't just interested in showing off his strength. He really enjoys giving TAK a beating and making him feel pain and humiliation. When TAK is down, Maverick kicks him in the ribs, stomps on his back and his stomach and punches the little guy in the chest, back and gut. When TAK is face down on the mat, the massive powerhouse plants his huge foot on TAKs back and practically pulls TAKs leg off. To humiliate the smaller guy, Maverick carries TAK around in his arms like a baby. Then, to bring on the pain, he slowly puts TAK down with his back over Maverick's knee and applies a long slow back breaker, applying and releasing pressure over and over, really enjoying the pain he is administering to the little guy. TAK realizes he can't beat this big beast at wrestling so he challenges him to arm wrestle. There is so much power in one of Maverick's massive arms that he easily wins even when TAK uses both arms. To humiliate TAK further, Maverick stands still and invites TAK to apply any hold he wants. TAK tries to apply a full Nelson but Maverick's chest, upper body and neck are so huge, TAK can't even get his arms around that huge body to apply the hold. TAK does get in a successful kick to Mavericks midsection, dropping the big guy, but it only pisses Maverick off and the payback is brutal. TAK also tries a frontal assault, throwing his whole body at Maverick at full speed, but Maverick swats him away like a fly. When TAK gets on Maverick's huge back and tries to apply a sleeper, Maverick throws little TAK over his head and onto the mat. Let's face it. TAK doesn't stand a chance against this huge, muscular bully. Maverick is twice TAKs size. Not surprisingly, TAK gets beaten up, thoroughly worked over, humiliated, toyed with and thrown around without mercy. For fans of big guy vs. Little guy, it just doesn't get any better than this.