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Marco Flaco camel clutch arms biceps

Marco vs Flaco - Custom Video Series 39

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

This custom video opens on Marco, wearing a black body stocking, stalking through a house, like a cat burglar!  Cut to Flaco cooking, blissfully unaware of the invader.  Marco silently peers over the counter, spying his target and… POUNCE!!  Flaco has no idea what is going on as he’s blinded by a face full of popcorn and hoisted off the ground by his unknown assailant!  Carried to a mat area, Flaco is dumped unceremoniously on the ground, before being manhandled into a Boston Crab!  The invader has yet to say a word – is he a burglar?  An assassin?  A hired thug?  One thing’s for sure, someone has got it in for Flaco!  Marco wraps his muscular legs around Flaco’s lithe body and squeezes for all he’s worth!  Judging by the smile on his face, if Marco is a hired thug then he clearly loves his job!  Flaco tries to reach for his phone to call for help, but Marco throws it of reach, pulling Flaco between his legs for a sleeper / scissor combo!  Another deep Boston Crab has Flaco begging for mercy!  Marco maintains silence as he methodically punishes Flaco’s body, ratcheting up the hurt every time he goes for his phone!

Flaco offers Marco all the money in his wallet if he’ll only stop – he is answered with Marco’s arm snaking round his neck in a choke hold!  Poor Flaco has no idea what he’s done to deserve such a beating from this silent muscle hunk!  Marco’s arms bulge as he traps the hapless Flaco in a camel clutch, yanking back on his head!  A standing head scissors, high up in Marco’s thighs, has Flaco on the edge of passing out!  Marco converts it to a straight head scissor on the mat, his legs extending and crushing the life out of Flaco!  Once more going for the back, Marco traps Flaco in a THIRD BOSTON CRAB!  How much more of this abuse can Flaco take?!  Thrown onto a sideboard, Flaco attempts to do some damage by launching himself at his assailant – but to no avail as Marco catches him and reverses, slamming Flaco hard to the mat!  SLAM!

Full Nelsons, scissors, sleeper holds, chokes, even a Dragon Sleeper, Flaco is put through the wringer by the skill and muscle of Marco.  Another choke and Flaco is out!  That’s not the end though, far from it – the sadistic invader wakes his slumbering victim, intent on punishing him some more!  And punish him he does, torturing him in hold after painful hold!  Headscissors, ab bashing, arm locks, Flaco is completely at the mercy of the invader!  Will he survive?  Will he give up the secret that Marco is looking for?  This match is a must for fans of Marco’s sadistic side!  Get this match today to find out the ending!  BONUS!! Also includes a hot outtake!