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Bjorn vs Phish - Ring Wars 113

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

The BIGGEST Big vs Little Match of 2024

300 lbs vs 135 lbs!!

Phish attempts his signature kick to the balls to open up this Ring War, but Bjorn snatches Phish mid-kick and throws him to the mat! Bjorn laughs as he ensnares Phish's head between his thighs and clamps down hard! It is obvious very early in the match that Phish is in a world of trouble. Is there anyway that he has a chance against the mass monster, Bjorn? 

Bjorn throws Phish into the turnbuckle and slams his fists into Phish's back. Phish is grabbed by the throat and thrown clear across the ring! Bjorn's display of power is incredible as he tosses Phish around the wrestling ring. Phish is writhing in pain after bounces off the canvas repeatedly. A massive choke slam splatters Phish's body off the mat and Phish cannot even move! Phish pulls a slick move and convinces Bjorn to get on the mat. In a surprise move, Phish wraps Bjorn up in a rear naked choke! Bjorn fights to his feet as Phish dangles off his back. Just as Bjorn is feeling the squeeze he slams his back into the turnbuckles smashing Phish between. Will Phish let go? Or can he hold on and put the mass monster, Bjorn, to sleep?

Phish now has another problem on his hands...Can he move a passed out, 300 lb bodybuilder? Phish is surprised when the giant begins to wake. Bjorn snatches Phish flinging him through the air! Phish is leveled when Bjorn lifts him in the air with multiple gorilla presses before sending him slamming into the mat! Can Phish find a way to make it out of the ring uninjured? Does he even have a chance to win? 

Find out how it all unfolds in this Intense Big vs Little Matchup! Download NOW!