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Meaty vs Eddie - No Holds Barred 256

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

#1 BEST SELLER June 2024!

Introducing Eddie: 6 ft. 230 lbs 

Warning this match has some intense muscle worship moments. In a burst of energy, Meaty hoists Eddie onto his shoulders and then sets him down, locking him in a tight full nelson. With disdain in his voice, Meaty tosses Eddie aside, mocking his lack of strength. But Eddie won't stand for it and quickly turns the tables, grinding Meaty into the mat and exploring every inch of his ripped physique. Meaty plays along, enjoying the distraction while he catches his breath. But then, seizing an opportunity, Meaty traps Eddie in a vice-like grip, squeezing with all his might. Eddie struggles to break free, but the pressure is too much and he starts to lose consciousness. Has the new guy already met his match in his first outing?

Meaty viciously slaps Eddie's ass, takes him down, and starts to pin him in a 69 position crotch to face. Meaty wants Eddie to know his power and owns him physically and takes out his domiance in that pin until Eddie become visibly enraged and tries to throw Meaty off him only to be trapped in the strangest head scissors combo with like a reverse school boy pin, a humiliating way to be trapped under another guy.  Eddie fights to even breath from being smothered under all that solid muscle.

 Meaty continues to shows Eddie just how someone can be dominated and he enjoys dishing out punishment in Thunders Arena! (Warning: in a very sensual manner) Moves that are made up and done to humiliate Eddie, and as the Eddie submits to the pleasure of being punish his strength starts to give in to Meaty.  That makes Meaty switch to bearhugs Meaty's move of choice to get maximum body contact, but Eddie has taken so much pleasure from being crushed by the muscles and feeling Meaty's power he really gets into this on a whole new level.  Meaty notices and you can see the intense desire to want each other, I mean win ;) in their eyes!