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Zman vs Ace Hanson - Bodybuilder Battle 08

$ 30.00


All Ace wanted was a glass of water, but Zman doesn't like the pool boy "help" walking around in the house. Ace may have over stepped his boundary by just walking in and taking a glass of water but Zman picks a fight to teach him a lesson. The match starts out pritty friendly with Zman not wanting to put too much of a hurt on Ace, just teach him a lesson in manners. After a good start Ace Hanson starts to laugh about how bad he's humiliating Zman. Zman doesnt seem to stand a chance but still has tons of energy! Ace tosses Zman up into a Razors edge and then slams him down on his neck. Ace holds Zman in a spladel (Saturday Night Ride is what some wrestlers call it). Lots of ground work for awhile from both men but Ace's skills just start to humiliate Zman's wrestling skills. Ace takes the humiliation to a whole new level with some SERIOUS dirty tricks just in time for Halloween season! Zman gets mad puts Ace in a leg lock followed by a painful half nelson. Ace strips it away from him by putting him into a rib crushing bearhug. Zman won't get up, Ace decides to put him in a full nelson but instead of using his arms to lock on the full nelson, he uses his legs an awesome variation on a classic hold, followed by an awsome body scissors. Zman puts Ace in an bone breaking ankle lock. Ace screams it hurts so bad but wont tap. Zman tries to turn it into a figure four but Ace turns it around and tries to break Zman's leg off, these two hate each other. Zman challenges Ace to a game of mercy, then lifts Ace into a rack. He slams Ace into the mat and then gives him a back rake. Ace tries to do it right back to Zman but while up in the rack Zman is able to get out and puts Ace into a full nelson smashing his face in the mat, followed by a camel clutch that turns into a cross face.around and then slams him down. Zman quickly thinks of another punishment, "Lets see how far apart I dislocate your legs until you give". Ace breaks free and decides to return the favor on an attempt to break Zman's ankle. Ace lets him up and then puts him in position for a FAMOUS HALLOWEEN WRESTLING MOVE A Tombstone Piledriver. This match is intense from start to finish! I won't give away the wild ending but you gotta see this one as your treat for Halloween 2009!