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Ace & Zman vs Iceman & Scareface plus Ace's Revenge on Maximus - Mat Wars 20

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Z-man Tag Team (Ace & Z-man vs Iceman & Scareface)
The season finale is here! Ace has joined forces with Z-man to try and run Iceman out of Thunder's Arena. This is a classic tag team match that has quite a few surprises in it. Ajax is the rule keeper on this one but can he really keep order between these two rivals? This is one hot match up that will boil over with anger and attitudes. There are lots of gut punches, bearhugs, cheap shots, body scissors, camel clutches, and just crazy action all over the mat on this one. It's an all out brawl and the best part is this match is over 30 minutes long!


Match 2 Ace vs Maximus (Ace's Revenge)

Ace took a beating the first time he met up to wrestle Maximus. This time he's back with a new attack plan to wear the big man down. He's out to get his revenge . Ace chokes the life out of Maximus several times during this match, plus uses his great wrestling skills. Can the big man Maximus have the stamina to keep up his powerful destruction of Ace? Or will the little guy finally wear him down with great wrestling technique? You gotta get this and find out.