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Blayne puts Achilles into a bow and arrow at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Achilles vs Blayne - Mat Wars 99

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

This is part one of a Blayne, Achilles crossover match up!! The match begins with the rookie Achilles and veteran Blayne practicing take downs on each other. Achilles was 1st in his state and 4th in the nation for his weight class. Both move on to a flex off admiring their chiseled bodies in the sunlight. "Let's do this!" Achilles says. Blayne gets in the ref's position on the mat, "Let's see what you got!" 
Achilles takes out Blayne's arm knocking him down to the mat. He tries to roll the vet over and lock in a pin, but Blayne's experience proves difficult. Even the dog jumps in trying to help! They reset. Blayne gets behind Achilles trying for the takedown and pin, but Achilles is quick! Both roll around each other trying to take control, but they are evenly matched. Both talk about their wrestling experience. Rhino even joins in on the conversation then leaves to take a nap.
Achilles says to Blayne, "Wrestling is awesome. I don't need that pro shit you do!" Blayne says he's gonna give him a lesson in pro-wrestling. They lock up in a game of mercy. Blayne gets brought down to his knees  and is PISSED! He goes for a low blow and kicks Achilles in the groin. "You like a good squeeze?" Blayne bearhugs Achilles from behind saying this is what pro-wrestling is. Blayne releases the hold and puts the newbie in a TORTURE RACK bouncing him up and down. "You feeling it right?" Blayne throws him to the mat, and Achilles is PASSED OUT! 
Achilles wakes up and takes Blayne down in a snapmare takeover! He plants his foot on Blayne's washboard abs. "How'd that feel?" Achilles bearhugs Blayne from behind, rolls him up in a TIGHT pin, and puts him in a tight arm lock. Blayne finally gets up and bearhugs Achilles from behind. 
They reset. "We're going back to pro-wrestling!" says Blayne. He kicks Achilles in the gut repeatedly. Achilles asks for a break, but Blayne refuses. He picks up Achilles on one shoulder flexing for the camera. "Let me down!" Blayne is happy to oblige and drops him to the mat. Blayne ELBOW DROPS his victim and puts the newbie in a tight bow and arrow! He bearhugs Achilles from behind again. Achilles does a snapmare takeover, but Blayne still has his bearhug locked in!! Blayne forces his victim to his feet and puts him in a TIGHT full nelson. He picks up Achilles, delivers a BACK BREAKER, then transitions to a full nelson. Blayne picks up his victim in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug! "I can't breathe. I can't breathe!" Blayne decides he's had too much sunlight and carries Achilles into the house with his bearhug locked in. 
Cap is sitting on the couch on his phone. Blayne throws his victim onto Cap. "Special delivery!" Cap gets up in his face. "You wanna be next?" says Achilles. Cap says oh yeah! Blayne isn't gonna let anyone finish his match. He jumps behind Achilles putting him in a CRIPPLING sleeper! Achilles passes out and is defeated!!
Another rookie Rhino walks in the living room PISSED that Blayne woke him up. He looks at Achilles. "What'd you do to my boy?" and pushes Blayne on the couch. "We were just playing around. It was an accident." Rhino starts walking toward Blayne looking to get his revenge. TO BE CONTINUED....Buy this match and Rhino vs Blayne to see what happens next!!