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Achilles puts Cap into a camel clutch at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Achilles vs Cap - Mat Wars 101

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

The veteran Cap is set to take on the rookie Achilles. Both have years of school wrestling experience under their belts, so this match is gonna be GOOD! They walk in and shake hands. "Welcome to Thunders. You heard of Cap?" Achilles answers, "Who's Cap?" The veteran replies, "I'll have to show you." No need for small talk; these boys are ready to go!! 
Both tie up and roll around on the mat trying to get a take down. THESE GUYS ARE QUICK! Cap puts Achilles in an arm lock, but he rolls out. Achilles climbs on Cap's back in a sleeper hold. Cap stands up in the sleeper and SLAMS Achilles on his back. "You're a little quicker than I thought you were!" says Cap. They roll on the mat in headlocks and arm locks trying to gain the upper hand. Achilles gets on Cap's back again and locks in another sleeper. "How's that feel?" "Not tight enough," says Cap, and he escapes.
They lock up again. Cap lifts Achilles up and down in a rear bearhug then puts him in a full nelson on the mat. "I'm almost out!" Achilles is STRUGGLING to breathe but stays awake. "I'm getting bored of this," says Cap as he releases the hold. He picks up Achilles in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug. "Put me down!" moans Achilles. 
Achilles gets Cap in a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN then puts him in a tight pin. He straddles Cap and CHOKES him with two hands! The vet struggles to breathe, but breaks away, and BODY SCISSORS the newbie. "Try and get out of that one!" Achilles gut punches Cap then finally breaks free. He applies another sleeper then sits on Cap's back applying a VICIOUS chin lock. Achilles locks in another sleeper but can't put the veteran away, so he goes for two CRADLES!
Cap escapes, applies a rear bearhug, then a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "I'm gonna kill you!" screams Achilles. Both tie up again. Achilles gets Cap in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug then throws him down! He straddles Cap and chokes him again. This rookie wants to take out the vet! However, Cap escapes, and both wrestlers have a CRADLE BATTLE back and forth!
Both flex for the camera. "You're almost my size. What's wrong, you get tired?" asks Cap. "At least I wrestle better than you!" Achilles CLUBS Cap in the back then locks in a full nelson threatening to BREAK his neck! Cap is in pain but recovers. He picks up Achilles on one shoulder then into a fireman's carry. "PUT ME DOWN!" Achilles starts gut punching and elbowing Cap's abs to break the hold. Cap applies a sleeper and ORDERS Achilles to take a nap. Soon, Achilles is counting sheep! 
Achilles was passed out so long that Cap sits on the couch on his phone. "Welcome to Thunders big guy!" Cap says as Achilles finally wakes up. Cap isn't done, picks him up in a CRUSHING rear bearhug, then applies a full nelson. "I'm coming for you!" yells Achilles. 
The match ends with a tight SLEEPER, a crippling BOSTON CRAB, and a massive DRAGON SLEEPER! Will it be the rookie Achilles or the veteran Cap? You gotta buy it to find out!