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Adam Bryant tortured by Vinny in Thunders Arena with a surfboard stretch

Vinny vs Adam Bryant - Rough & Ready 87

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

This exciting Thunders Arena matchup features the brash and muscular Adam Bryant taking on the massive wall of muscle known as Vinny. The two briefly exchange some poses, flexing and showcasing their impressive physiques before things get physical. The ever brash and arrogant Vinny doesn't wait to antagonize Adam Bryant, quickly pointing out the substantial size difference between the two. Adam Bryant grabs ahold of Vinny in a massive waistlock from behind, attempting a throw or takedown. The giant Vinny simply laughs, chastising his outsized opponent for being weak. Digging deep, Adam Bryant uses all of his strength and power to grab Vinnys waist as tight as possible, grunting with maximum effort and actually hoisting the big man up and off the ground. An attempted throw proves to be an error in judgement, as Vinny, showcasing impressive agility for such a big man, lands on his feet and immediately goes on the offensive. Grabbing a waistlock of his own, Vinny squeezes and wrenches, but out of nowhere, showing some serious mat skills, Adam Bryant picks the leg, sending Vinny down to the ground. Frustrated by the way things have started out, Vinny lunges at Adam Bryant, grabbing ahold of his waist again, this time locking in the hold and really showcasing his strength and power and leaving Adam grunting and groaning in pain, before locking in a vicious sleeper hold. Fighting back, Adam Bryant manages to drive Vinny back down to the mat, mounting him and hooking the leg. Undeterred and always defiant, Vinny continues to talk trash! Adam Bryant seems shocked as the un-phased monster Vinny seems totally unconcerned with being rolled around on the mat, and the reason for that lack of concern becomes apparent as Vinny tosses Adam Bryant aside, mounting him from behind on the mat, and locking in a chinlock, all while crushing Adam into the ground with all of his rock hard mass. Making things even more uncomfortable for Adam Bryant, Vinny wraps his massive legs around the waist of his opponent, squeezing the air out of him with his powerful thighs while violent clamped on to Adams head and neck with his muscular arms. The impressive hold only gets tighter and more agonizing as Adam Bryant kicks and flails, gasping and gagging for air. Adam Bryant manages to fight his way free from the hold, only to get caught in a side headlock from Vinny, who clamps the hold on so hard that you can actually see Adams face turn purple. Adam attempts to fight out again, but the powerhouse Vinny is too much for him. "You're making me angry!" Vinny exclaims as he wraps his thighs around Adam Bryants face, trying to pop his head like a balloon before transitioning into a seated full nelson the looks like its about to literally fold Adam in half. Soon, another brutal sleeper hold/bodyscissors combo brings Adam Bryant back down the ground ground, struggling to maintain consciousness. Leaving Adam gasping on the ground desperately trying to recover, Vinny fires up, posing triumphantly and flexing his giant arms and massive chest. Unrelenting in his domination, Vinny grabs the arm of Adam Bryant and twists it into a painful modified top wristlock. Soon after, another sadistic sleeper from Vinny sends Adam back to the ground, his consciousness fading again. Vinny doesn't pass up on the opportunity to show off his superiority again, flexing and posing with his muscled up pecs and huge traps glistening with the sweat of both men. Tying up Adam Bryants legs like a pretzel and then mounting him, Vinny grabs his arm and yanks back, seemingly trying to actually pull Adams arm off is a sadistic and innovative submission hold, leaving a virtually hopeless Adam crying out in pain. Grabbing at the OTHER arm as well, Vinny is now attacking all four limbs at once, with Adam now screaming in agony. Adams arms are released only to allow Vinny to continue the torture with an amazing mounted chokehold. Adam Bryant tries to give up, but Vinny declares that giving up is not good enough, leaving Adam choking and gagging. "You ready for THIS shit?!?" Vinny screams before hoisting Adam Bryant high above the ground in one of the biggest gorilla presses ever seen in Thunders Arena. Can Adam Bryant fight his way out of this dangerous predicament, or will the brutalizing domination continue??