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Ajax vs Batar - Christmas Chaos 2006B

Ajax vs Batar - Christmas Chaos 2006B

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

Ajax vs Batar

This is Batar's first match with us and boy is it a classic!  He and his brother Ajax are outside lifting when Batar finds out Ajax has betrayed him.  This leads to a war on the mats!  This match is full of great power moves like over the knee back breakders, lots of flexing and posing.  You'll see pec claws, body scissors, choking, a cradel pin, and even some mercy test of strength.  These boys go toe to toe trading bearhugs, full nelsons but you can tell Ajax has more skills as he slaps on a few banana split (or called spladel) pins and double leg grapevines (or called Saturday night ride) onto his brother.  Still these two have a lot of heart and great wrestling experience.  You'll love watching two fine athletes battle it out!