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Ajax Angel over the knee backbreaker pecs chest abs

Ajax vs Angel - Mat Rats 01A

$ 31.25

Ajax vs Angel

Ajax has been hitting the gym hard and has gained another 20 pounds of muscle since you last saw him. Angel has been working full time at a horse ranch, so he's looking more ripped than ever. Angel was outside waiting for someone when Ajax approached him asking if he had seen his brother Batar. Of course Angel shot off his mouth and insulted Batar right to Ajax's face. Well you don't shoot your mouth off about Ajax's brother unless you want a mouth full of teeth. That was all it took and the fight was on. Angel gets dragged into the house, and then dominated to a level that I've never seen Ajax do to anyone. Ajax uses his arsonel of head scissors, bearhugs, fig 4 leg locks, racks, sleeper, and backbreakers to dominate and destroy Angel. If the piledriver on the promo looks real, that's because it was, we are lucky he survived this match.


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