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Dom9 vs Animal - Bodybuilder Battle 179

$ 31.25

Animal's cocky attitude does not sit well with Dom and he grabs him by the throat and takes him into the mat. When Animal decides he wants to show Dom a thing or two, then the game is on! The match gets intense on the mat as both wrestlers fight for position. Animal keeps his cocky attitude and Dom struggles to keep the rookie in his place. Animal shows he has some skill, but he isn't prepared for Dom to play dirty! A low blow catches the rookie off guard and gets him on the mat. . Animal is surprised and goes back to wrestling and working to prove himself to the veteran Dom. When Animal shoves Dom off his back he flexes for the camera allowing Dom to lock in a tight full nelson. The rookie keeps shrugging off Dom's moves and Dom progressively gets more and more aggressive and the intensity builds. Dom starts to go in for a ball claw on the rookie and Animal is caught off guard. A struggle of wills starts as Dom keeps going for the dirty move. When Animal starts to think that Dom isn't really angry and just wants to touch him, Dom decides to show the rookie what he is actually there for...