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Ace Hanson vs Antonio - No Holds Barred 05

$ 32.95

Ace Hanson walks out to the garage and discovers Antonio trying to steal his truck. Ace grabs him out of the truck and starts to rough him up. He picks Antonio up onto his shoulder and carries him into the house. He drops him on the mat, strips down to his trunks and puts on his gloves. He starts by dropping down on top of Antonio and pins him to the mat. He pulls Antonio up to his feet and bearhugs him. He drops Antonio on the mat again and traps him. While they wrestle around on the mat, Ace wraps his arms and legs around Antonio using one arm to put him in a choke hold. After letting Antonio go, Ace grabs the thief's shorts and pulls them off. He sits on Antonio. trapping him on the mat. Grabbing Antonio's leg, Ace starts dominating him by spanking him and using other dirty tricks on him. Ace makes Antonio kiss his bicept. He wraps his legs around Antonio's neck and rolls around with the other wrestler trapped in a school boy pin head scissors. He rips Antonio's shirt off and continues to keep him trapped on the mat in embarrassing holds using dirty tricks on him. While Antonio lays on the mat trying to recover, Ace starts falling onto him and getting back up to do it again. The embarrassing mat moves continue for a while until Ace picks Antonio up upside down and walks around with him. He drops him on the mat, grabs him under the arms and stretches Antonio out. Keeping him trapped by his arms, Ace picks Antonio up and drops him on the mat. He continues with the dirty tricks to dominate Antonio further. Picking him up by his neck, Ace forces Antonio to beg for mercy. He continues to keep Antonio trapped on the mat for a while, then picks him up like a baby and carries him around. He drops Antonio onto his knee in an over the knee back breaker, where he continues using dirty tricks and school boy pins on him. He alternates between holding him down on the mat and then picking him up onto his knee to stretch him out. He picks Antonio up by one arm and one leg in a humiliating hold, then drops him again. Ace traps Antonio in a body scissors hold while continuing to torture him. After letting him up, Ace grabs Antonio a in a bearhug. He drops him on the mat and body slams him repeatedly. Picking him up by the neck, Ace bearhugs Antonio again, drops him again, tortures him some more in ways you can only do if your are punishing a thief who won't stop stealing.