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Archer vs Griffin - Mat Rats 54

$ 31.25

This match starts off with Archer trash talking his tall opponent. He mocks him saying he has no muscle, and challenges him to a pose down that gives way to a competition of strength. Archer seizes an opportunity and heaves Griffin into the air for a fireman's carry before slamming him back to the mat. Archer stands over his opponent, places a foot on his stomach and mocks him, saying "this is soft like my pillow." before slamming Griffin with a guy punch, a kick and then rolling him over for a Boston Crab. Griffin leverages his long legs and pushes out of the Crab, standing up and lifting Archer off the mat in a crucifix before throwing him to the mat. Griffin lifts Archer form the ground and gets him up into a fireman's carry, before once again throwing him to the mat. The two trade bows and arrows, each stretching the other to the max. Archer adds insult to injury by pulling Griffin around by his ankles, effectively mopping the mat with him before pulling him up into a full nelson. Archer slams Griffin's long, tall frame against the wall and proceeds to punish him with gut punches. Griffin falls to the floor, battered as Archer stands over him, flexing for the camera. Griffin regains his footing and before he knows what's happened, is put back up on Archer's shoulder's in a rack. Archer decides to show off and does a few squats with Griffin draped across his back before throwing Griffin down again. As Griffin stumbles to gain his composure and slowly rises to his knees, before being jerked back to his feet and bear hugged by Archer. Griffin reverses the move and squeezes Archer, making him give before throwing him to the mat and jumping on top of him for a banana split, stretching Archer's legs. Griffin relents and poses on his knee next to his victim, while Archer writhes in agony. Archer springs to action, grabbing Griffin and getting him into a seated full nelson using his legs, forcing Griffin to submit. Archer gets to his feet, poses and gloats over Griffin, who uses the moment to land a low blow, doubling Archer over in pain. Griffin lifts Archer onto his back in a fireman's before moving into a bear hug. Once free, Archer jumps on Griffin's back and applies a sleeper, bring the tall guy to the brink of passing out. Archer relents, but tosses his nearly unconscious foe around, putting him into another Boston Crab. Griffin isn't ready to give up just yet and gets one more fireman's carry in, before losing his grip and dropping Archer who capitalizes on the error and once again locks Griffin into a sleeper. Will Griffin escape or will Archer succeed in turning out the lights?