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Bryce vs Tristan Baldwin (aka Aryx) - Battlespace 20A

Bryce vs Tristan Baldwin (aka Aryx) - Battlespace 20A

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Bryce vs Tristian aka Aryx

These two have had some pent up hate or something for each other, because I have never seen two wrestlers go at each other from the first seconds of the match. Humiliating each other, bring the pain, in an your face style, tearing into one another right out of the box! Bryce slams Tristian hard into the brick wall. Tristian gets monkey flipped then finds himself in one of Bryces famous head scissors squeezing his head tight between his thighs. Bryce eventually schoolboy pins him, but this time Bryce gets too cocky and Tristian turns it around using a Boston crab. Tristian cares less if Bryce taps, he just wants to snap him in half! Tristian begins pounding on Bryce, then they play mercy! Meanwhile comparing chest sizes, smashing them into each other, and after that bearhugs. Tristians eventually finds himself trapped in a vicious Camel clutch. Tristian counters out and traps Bryce in a reverse schoolboy pin. The anger grows between these two and you can cut it with a knife as they put the pain on each other in various holds they use to humiliate like backbreakers, and flexing and posing over each other. In one hold Tristian is trapped in a body scissors followed by a skull crushing head scissors, and still Bryce rolls him over tristians head trapped between his legs and bounces Tristians face off the mat. Tristian tosses Bryce into an ab stretch putting Bryce into some extreme pain. There are more bearhugs and sleepers in this match that you just have to see to believe. This match really is who can humiliate who more and do all those dirty tricks you guys email me about. I wouldn't pass on getting this match. It's definitely the one to watch this month.


Zman & Tristian vs The Enforcer

Recap on how Zman met the Enforcer -
Mr. Thunder set up Zman to fight Troy Stevens again in a second round big vs little match. Zman feaked out, told off the enforcer that there was no way in hell he would wrestle another wrestler outside of his weight class. The enforcer gave him two options, "wrestle Troy Stevens again, or I'm your next match". Zman refused and found himself suddenly lifted by the throat being carried around and finally dumped onto the floor. Zman said, "I'll wrestle you Enforcer but on one condition that it is a 2 on 1 handicap match." The Enforcer laughed at this and accepted.
Now onto the match -
Zman invites Tristian to wrestle him against the giant, this made him excited to be invited to wrestle with a veteran. Enter the Enforcer, to shock Tristian's confidence but he man's up and the match is on 2 against 1 very large man. They start out taking turns trying to bring the big man down. They use each other as weapons in ways that will blow your mind. Enforcer has enough and now it's crushing time!!! This powerful 6' 10" and 560 lb. giants with bone crushing bearhugs, gorilla presses, and throws the smaller men all over the mat! Is this powerhouse is an unmovable force? Will he make our superstars Zman & Tristian cry like babies in his massive bearhugs? Or will the giant Enforcer use Zman and Tristian against each other like they are wrestling toy dolls that he can use like a weapon throwing him through the air colliding into each other? Once the enforcer has humiliated them for awhile the Z-team starts to break down and they turn on each other which sets the stage for our next match where Tristian will get his revenge on Zman in our darkest, and most dominating match...the Ultimate Gut punching punishment done on Zman.