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Viggo vs Ashton - No Holds Barred 37

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Viggo is eating a plate of food when Ashton tries to help himself. Viggo refuses to share and the two take it to the mat. Viggo is always ready for a fight and its not long before he is sitting on Ashton. Viggo then uses a creative bear hug, with one of his arms between Ashtons legs, putting Ashton in a world of pain and causing the first of many submissions. After applying a neck scissors and another dirty hold, Viggo continues his domination, slapping on a full nelson. But Ashton breaks free with a dirty move of his own and locks Viggo into a bear hug, carrying the tough guy around the mat. Ashton attempts a neck scissors, but Viggo ends the hold with a dirty shot and then puts Ashton in a truly humiliating schoolboy pin. Ashton manages to get Viggo to submit for the first time after a painful cradle. Then Viggo puts Ashton in a painful over the knee backbreaker, applying three dirty holds to increase Ashtons pain. But Ashton gets another submission when he puts Viggo on his back and applies a series of painful chokes, pec claws and dirty holds, forcing the tough, cocky Viggo to give. The match comes to a decisive end when Ashton succumbs to a brutal over the shoulder backbreaker by the powerful Viggo. Flexing over his beaten opponent, the victorious Viggo says: Thats why you dont touch another mans food. This is one hot match with two hunks really torturing each other with plenty of dirty holds.