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Jake vs Aspen - No Holds Barred 151

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Mr. Mike heard your responses to Jake vs Tristan and the rave reviews it got, now he takes up the muscle wrestling scene up one more notch.  This is THE most intense muscle worship wrestling we have filmed yet to date!  Mr. Mike made everyone leave the room so it was just him filming and only the two wrestlers in the mat room, what happened next was shocking.  Find out what happens when two wrestlers forget the camera guys in the room and they can act on their urges all alone in private, download this today.

Domination, dirty tricks, intense muscle worship...get ready for 50 SHADES OF GREY! Jake flexes as Aspen admires his massive frame, "I wanna look like that!" "You like all that muscle?" A pose off begins as both titans worship each other's bulging biceps. The anticipation of Aspen's hands all over the Adonis is too much as he drops to his knees massaging the behemoth's thick back. Jake moans in pure ecstasy, "I love a good massage! You wanna see how all this muscle really feels on you?" The dominant beast picks up Aspen in a fireman's carry and drops him to the mat. "I like a hairy man!" Jake mounts his victim CRUSHING his ribs with his quads of steel, "Feel those pecs. You ain't getting up!" Aspen struggles to breathe but obeys as his torturer lays on top of him SMOTHERING his face with his beefy pecs. Jake is in heaven sliding his meathook hands all over Aspen's furry chest twisting his nipples as he groans in pain. "You like getting manhandled by me?" A tight sleeper leaves the helpless Aspen wide open for a brutal head scissors! He gasps for air as Jake flexes demanding more worship. "You're MY little toy for the next hour!" Aspen is powerless to escape the viselike strength of Jake's quads and passes out! Things are about to get much, much worse! The muscle bear wakes up from hibernation and wants revenge! He CLUBS Jake down to the mat locking in a reverse head scissors! The beast struggles to escape as Aspen delivers a vicious dirty trick, "I think this is the same position I went to sleep in!" Jake howls in agony unable to move as Aspen climbs on top of him to fulfill his every desire! "All that show muscle; ain't nothing for stamina is it? Look at you and your perfect abs!" The devious muscle bear stomps and gut punches Jake's chiseled abs leaving him completely gassed on the mat. An ARM-BREAKING arm bar and another reverse head scissor have the muscle monster nearly passing out from the pain! The back and forth battle intensifies as both muscle hunks try to destroy each other limb by limb: excruciating leg stretches, forearm blows, stomps, and even dirtier tricks! A JAW-DROPPING bearhug battle leads to mid-air muscle worship and massive titty twisters. Jake and Aspen squeeze each other as hard as they can commanding their opponent to go to sleep! Who will come out on top?