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Atom gunner headscissors submission hold submit torture rack

Atom vs Gunner - Battlespace 73

$ 25.95

Former model, Gunner has decided to dive into the world of wrestling and meets up with Atom for his debut match. Gunner surprises Atom with a barrage of moves he just wasn't expecting including choke lifts, half nelsons, and a variety of other choke holds that literally leave Atom gasping for air and begging for mercy. Gunner is relentless and soon has Atom face down on the mat, administering all kinds of brutal punishment, before standing on his back and flexing. Atom rallies and slams Gunner against the wall, unleashing a series of gut punches before slamming him to the mat. Atom hefts Gunner's 6' frame over his shoulders, fireman carries him around the mat before again slamming him to the ground and squeezing him in a brutal body scissors. Atom exacts his revenge for all the choke holds earlier with a sleeper, head scissors and painful arm bar. Atom continues the assault with some rib-crushing bear hugs and drops the limp newcomer on his head before stretching him out with an over the knee back breaker. One last fireman carry and Atom throws his opponent to the ground a final time. And just when it all looks to be over, a special guest makes himself known..... Check out the full match to see what happens.