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Baby Herc vs Amino - Rough & Ready 162

$ 31.59


BIG Amino steps on the mat and flexes in Baby Herc's face! The action abruptly starts when Herc snatches Amino up in a full nelson and flings him around the mat! Amino is caught off guard with Herc's aggression and gets caught in an ab stretch! Amino yells in pain as Herc lifts and carries him around the mat. 

Amino takes more and more punishment from Herc as the match wears on, but he is starting to catch on and gets in a move or two of his own surprising Herc! Amino delivers sharp gut punches tearing into Herc's shredded abs! Amino's hands grip and claw at every inch of Herc trying to make him let go! 

Herc puts Amino through the wringer of muscle worship wrestling, but Amino's inexperience shows as the match goes on and Herc takes the reins delivering brutally punishing blows to Amino over and over! Amino starts to lose his aggression as the pain sets in and Baby Herc gets a flash of sinister pleasure across his face. Now is time Baby Herc shows just how bad and dominant he can be! Download Now and be in Awe!


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