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Cason vs Baby Herc - Mat Wars 165

$ 31.59

The excitement is contagious as Cason admires Baby Herc's impressive physique and they do pushups together, with each rep building up to the 21st and final one.

But then, the mood shifts as Cason takes things to the next level, wrapping Baby Herc up in a full nelson and inflicting some pain with a few slaps to the rookie's abs. Baby Herc is reeling and struggling to catch his breath as Cason continues to dominate the match. But the rookie is not ready to give up just yet, and he fights back with some impressive moves of his own.

The back and forth between these two wrestlers is thrilling to watch as they grapple and struggle for dominance. Cason seems to have the upper hand for much of the match, using a variety of painful moves including Camel Clutches, Boston Crabs, and chest to chest bearhugs. But Baby Herc is not going down without a fight, and he manages to land some impressive moves of his own.

The tension builds as the match goes on, with both wrestlers pushing themselves to their limits in a battle of strength and skill. Will Baby Herc be able to hold his own against the more experienced Cason, or will he fall victim to the older wrestler's superior strength? There's only one way to find out - download today and witness the thrilling conclusion of this intense wrestling match!


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