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Bordeaux vs Turtle - Battlespace 154

$ 34.75

Bordeaux smothers Turtle on the mat! He locks in a DEEP rear sleeper clamping down on Turtle's neck. Turtle keeps his cool and flexes a bicep for the camera but you can see the blood slowly draining from his face. Turtle rolls out but Bordeaux stays on the offense. He keeps the pace and rolls right with Turtle once again wrapping his 20 inch biceps around Turtle's neck! Bordeaux stands up the cocky Turtle and forces him against the wall. With one hand around Turtle's throat, Bordeaux flexes and shows off for the camera. He lets Turtle know that he is in for a long and painful match.

Turtle shoves the muscle stud off of him and wraps Bordeaux in a brutal chest to chest bearhug! Turtle yanks Bordeaux around the mat squeezing harder and harder and Bordeaux begins to pass out! He fades away in Turtle's vice-like grip and just as he is about to pass out Turtle shoves him away and flexes in his face! After Turtle asserts his dominance, Bordeaux gets angry! He shows Turtle what REAL POWER is and wraps him in a bearhug of his own! Pecs start to pop and glisten with sweat as Bordeaux and Turtle got back and forth squeezing each other's bodies trying to make their opponent quit!

When the match moves to the mat, Turtle is able to use his pro jiu jitsu skills to inflict pain on Bordeaux! Will Bordeaux's brute strength be enough to overcome Turtle's jiu jitsu skills? Download today and find out!