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Bear Atom towel abs pecs chest

Bear vs Atom - No Holds Barred 41

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

The match starts with Atom, standing at the edge of the pool, net in hand, complaining that there is a "giant staple" in the pool. Atom yells for Bear, who is busy texting on his phone to come "look at the staple". As Bear nears the edge, Atom takes a cheap shot and pushes Bear into the pool, fully clothed. Bear erupts from the water in a rage, yelling obscenities and threats while heading to dry off. Atom looks on, amused and taunts that Bear should have gotten the staple while he was in the pool. The next scene shows Atom, sleeping on the couch after his pool cleaning. Bear, now clad in only his camo square cuts, jumps on Atom, growling about revenge for the earlier cheap shot. Bear is relentless in his attack and begins trying to strip Atom of his shirt. Bear notices that Atom is wearing a singlet and starts mocking him, saying "that's cute" before pulling him to the ground and forcing him to kiss his bicep. Bear continues to complain about the cheap shot and Atom fires back that he did the same thing. Bear is left with a childish, "you did it first" and lifts Atom into an upside down bear hug. Bear carries his victim out onto the poolside mat to continue his revenge by putting Atom in an over-the-knee back breaker and applying a ball claw. The beefy, hairy chested Bear pushes Atom back to the mat and takes a second to revel in his revenge. Atom gets up and walks off, but Bear doesn't notice that he has slipped behind him until Atom places him into a full nelson and stands him him up. Bear shows his raw strength by easily flexing to break free of the hold and throws Atom to the mat again. When Atom stands back up, Bear pushes him against the wall, but Atom strikes back and gets the big guy in a fireman's carry, showing his own strength. Atom throws Bear to the mat, straddles him and presses his forearm into Bear's fuzzy face, smashing him into the mat, before moving into a school boy pin and slapping Bear around a little. Both wrestlers return to their feet and Bear makes a move, pulling Atom's singlet strap down in an attempt to trap his arm and gain the upper hand. Bear reaches between Atom's legs and hoists him into the air in a fireman's carry before bringing him down into an over-the-knee back breaker and a vicious ball claw. Atom manages to roll out the move and reverses Bear's fortunes, by cradling him and then bringing his knees almost all the way up to his ears. Bear breaks free and gains some footing. He tries to lift Atom into an upside down bearhug, but can't get the leverage so he settles for pulling a leg out from under his opponent and taking Atom to the mat again. Bear gets revenge and places Atoms knees up by his ears, pinning him before adding insult to injury with a school boy pin, pulling Atom's face into his crotch and flexing over his victim. Bear lets Atom up and while on a knee, slaps and rubs Atom's abs, complimenting him before pushing him against the wall and unleashing a barrage of ab punches. Not content with the level of punishment, Bear ramps it up and choke lifts Atom off his feet and head butts his abs before throwing him to the mat. Bear lifts Atom off the ground with a full nelson and transitions into a sleeper, where he taunts Atom to kiss his bicep. But Atom has some dirty tricks too and ball claws Bear, pushing him back against the wall where he administers his own ab punches. It's clear that this doesn't even phase the solidly built Bear though as he laughs at Atoms attempts to hurt him. The two end up back on the mat and Atom school boy pins Bear once again, but Bear quickly reverses the move and school boys Atom right back. Bear attempts a fireman's carry, but doesn't have a solid grip. He opts for an upside down bearhug but Atom seizes the opportunity for another ball claw to get free. Bear gets Atom into a head lock and says that Atom is going to be "his cub" and transitions into a front facing headlock where he spanks the singlet covered glutes of Atom. Bear follows up with a "titty twister" as he tweaks the nipples of his opponent, then a quick series of ball claws and choking Atom with his own arm. The bigger guy finally relents and lets Atom up for a moment before clothes lining him and taking him back to the mat. Atom shows he hasn't been beaten yet by doing his own clothes line and a full nelson, which Bear easily breaks out of yet again. Bear pushes Atom back against the wall, palming his face and unleashing more gut punches. Bear shows his strength one last time by gorilla pressing Atom, throwing him down one last time and applying his own "Bear pin", spanking his defeated foe.


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