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Scrappy vs Silas - Bearhug Challenge 20

$ 17.20
$ 20.00

Scrappy and Silas get on the mat prepared for a bearhug battle! Silas is "excited to put Scrappy in his place." When Scrappy hears the rumor Silas is talking trash, he sets up an impromptu meeting on the wresting mat! Bumping and shoving turns to Silas snatching Scrappy in a brutal, loooong bearhug! Scrappy yells in agony as each breathe Silas squeezes more and more oxygen from Scrappy's lungs! Scrappy taps out but Silas is not going to just let him off the hook!

Silas is here to break Scrappy and that is his plan! Now Scrappy is warmed up and ready to return the favor to the cocky Silas! Scrappy grabs Silas in a bearhug and Silas is surprised by the strength of Scrappy's grip. Silas refuses to tap out from Scrappy's bearhug so Scrappy locks it right back in! He slams Silas against the wall mercilessly but Silas wraps his legs around Scrappy's torso and locks down! Scrappy has no choice but to let go and Silas flings him upside and slams him to the mat!

In this high energy showcase of strength, who will outlast his opponent? Download Today and find out!