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Blayne stretches Beast in a camel clutch at Thunders Arena

Beast vs Blayne - Ring Wars 28

$ 31.25

In this intense Thunders Arena matchup, the dominant mountain of muscle knows as Beast collides with the ripped and resilient Blayne in an in-ring battle.

Once these two incredible athletes lock horns, Beast immediately grabs a painful arm hold, sending Blayne scurrying towards the ropes to free himself. Taking advantage of his outsized opponents precarious position, Beast launches Blayne across the ring with an irish-whip, sending him bouncing off the opposite side of the ring and back into a devastating clothesline. 

After mounting a brief comeback, even successfully hoisting his massive foe up onto his shoulder, Blayne is driven back into the corner for a barrage of punishment. Beast sticks his size 13 foot into Blaynes throat and drives him into the bottom turnbuckle, choking him, before locking on a brutal bodyscissors, using the ring ropes for leverage as he uses his massive thighs to squeeze all of the air out of Blaynes body.

Upon making it back up to his feet, Blayne digs deep, delivering a firemans carry slam out of nowhere to regain the advantage, locking in a tight side headlock on the ground to punish his fallen adversary. Beast, not only massive but a skilled grappler as well, manages to roll out of the hold, grabbing a vice-like headlock of his own and squeezing with the full force of his massive biceps and overpowering triceps. 

Out of pure desperation, Blayne manages to land a shot below the belt to temporarily incapacitate the monstrous Beast and mounts the monster to lock in a camel clutch. As Beast escapes the hold, he manages to shove Blayne into the corner, sending him flying across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckles before trapping his arm in the ropes for a painful submission hold, stretching Blaynes ripped and peaked bicep past its limit. As Beast attempts to grab a headlock, Blayne digs deep yet again with an incredibly impressive belly to back suplex and locks on a tight bodyscissors with his ripped and muscular thighs. After charging Beast into the ropes, the two lock up again and Blayne attempts another submission hold on the mountain of muscle known as Beast.

Frustrated and angry, Beast unleashes another brutal knee strike, and stretches Blayne over the top rope,tearing at his well developed pectoral muscles. Turning up the violence, Beast sends Blayne flying corner to corner before blasting him with another powerful clothesline before hoisting him up onto his shoulders and sending his body crashing to the mat with his own firemans carry slam. Administering a frightening double choke lift, Beast holds Blayne high in the air before sending him flailing down to the canvas after almost crushing his vertebrae with his amazing grip strength. 

After triumphantly flexing his massive arms, Beast sees Blayne trying to crawl up the ropes, and degradingly steps on the back of his opponent, crushing Blayne into the bottom ring rope. From there Beast decides its time to utilize his massive and dangerous thighs again, locking in another brutal bodyscissors before unleashing a vicious kick to the ribs and continuing to choke the beaten down Blayne in the unforgiving steel cables that surround the ring. 

A textbook vertical suplex is the next weapon unleashed in the arsenal of the big man known as Beast before he lock Blayne in a crippling crossface hold. Utilizing his massive upper body strength, he arches back, sending shockwaves of pain all up and down Blaynes spine and muscular back, as Blayne fights to keep from crying "mercy".