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Mark Muscle putting Scrappy into a full nelson at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Mark Muscle vs Scrappy - Vegas Battles 31

$ 34.75

One of Thunder’s hottest pairs meets again for another showdown so intense they barely need to speak a word through the whole encounter. Mark wants to play, but Scrappy just wants to sleep. Guess which one of them will get his way?

In a softly-lit, white hotel room, a silent giant stands over the sleeping angel.

Scrappy slowly wakes, confused, hand fumbling for the great tree-trunk of a leg before him. He barely has time to realize who’s there before Mark Muscle presses his hand down over Scrappy’s beautiful face, smothering him. Scrappy squirms, blue eyes wide, lithe body twisting to escape, but Mark’s one massive arm is enough to hold him in his place no matter how hard he struggles.

Then Mark pulls him up off the bed and into a headlock, letting Scrappy breathe, but still holding him captive. Scrappy’s eyes roll into his head as Mark grips his body tight, but is it pain or pleasure? Mark lets him go and drops him onto the bed, but Scrappy’s either still sleepy or not trying that hard to escape. Mark grabs him by the leg and pulls him back, and Scrappy practically hops up into Mark’s infamous bear hug, replaying their legendary first fight.

While Scrappy moans and pants for air, Mark’s face remains a fierce mask of domination. He squeezes everything he can out of Scrappy and then shoves him back onto the bed. It’s playtime, and Scrappy is Mark’s favorite toy. He mangles and chokes, bends and twists Scrappy’s smooth, shapely limbs in all directions while Scrappy pants and gasps. Scrappy should be quick enough to scramble away, but Mark’s too strong to ever let him go.

It’s too easy for him.

Scrappy snatches at Mark’s tight white singlet, and manages to pull one strap loose, exposing the vast landscape of Mark’s chest and torso. Mark retaliates with a pillow over Scrappy’s face. Then he gets behind him in a move that’s half leg-lock, half spooning, and locks Scrappy’s head into the steel cage of his arms, flexing his mountainous biceps in the little guy’s face. Scrappy looks close to passing out, but Mark gives him some air, just before bending his body back like taffy.

Mark decides to take a little break, and that’s when Scrappy swings his legs around the big man’s head. Just because Scrappy’s smaller doesn’t mean he doesn’t boast a powerful pair of thighs himself, and he keeps Mark on his knees for some time. Mark claws at Scrappy’s torso, one giant hand as big as one of Scrappy’s pecs, but Scrappy maintains the pressure. Scrappy eventually gets his hands around one of Mark’s legs and starts bending the man in half with all his strength.

The problem is that Mark is just too big, and can’t be held down for long. When the smallest opportunity opens, he pushes through and turns the match quickly back in his favor. He gets his own legs around Scrappy, and the young lad is back on the defensive, quickly losing a game of mercy.

Mark gets Scrappy all folded up and pressed down into the bed, then lets him up only to grab him in a full Nelson. He finally drops Scrappy and steps away, flexing over him in pride. Scrappy gets up, exhausted, and staggers toward Mark with a defiant glare.

And then something changes.

Scrappy seems mesmerized, and reaches out to touch Mark in awe rather than anger. Now it’s time for Mark to submit—to Scrappy’s worship. Scrappy traces every inch of Mark’s hard body while Mark flexes and stretches, bouncing his dinner-plate-sized pecs for Scrappy to enjoy. Overcome with amazement, Scrappy pushes the bigger man onto the bed to get a better look at him, and Mark lets him climb on top.

For a moment.

Mark lets Scrappy have his fun, and then re-asserts himself. Scrappy winces at first and tries to resist, but gradually cedes control of the situation. Very soon, he’s back under Mark’s power—literally.