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Ace Hanson Big Sexy pecs chest abs

Ace Hanson vs Big Sexy - No Holds Barred 03

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Big Sexy is bored and looking for a fight so he has Dallas call Ace Hanson to "demand" he come to Thunder's Arena to wrestle him. When Ace shows up, he and Big Sexy have words, then Ace drags Big Sexy out to the garage and throws him down onto the mat. After wrestling around on the mat fow a while, Ace picks Big Sexy up and carries him around. He throws him back down and locks his legs around Big Sexy's head. He keeps Big sexy down on the mat, while he leg scissors him around the waist. He lets Big Sexy go just long enough for the two of them to strip down to trunks. Big Sexy takes the opportunity to grab Ace, but can't hold him and Ace quickly has Big Sexy pinned down on his back. He gets Big Sexy's head in a leg scissors and holds him there for a while. Big Sexy manages to flip Ace over and bends him backwards to stretch out his abs. Ace fights his way out of the hold and quickly has Big Sexy pinned to the mat. After letting Big Sexy go, the two lock up again and Big Sexy pulls Ace down onto the mat in an arm bar. He wraps his legs around Ace's head in a humiliating hold. Big Sexy climbs over Ace and tries to put him in a banana split, but Ace grabs Big Sexy's foot in a painful ankle lock which makes Big Sexy partially let go of him. He keeps his leg wrapped around Ace's leg and uses it to flip Ace over into what looks like an extremely painful ankle lock. Big Sexy lets Ace go and the two of them are dried off by slave-for-a-day Dallas. The two wrestlers get started back by locking up and Ace quickly gets Big Sexy in a reverse bearhug. He carries him around for a minute, then drops him on the mat. Big Sexy comes back and grabs Ace, picking him up in a fireman's carry. He drops him onto the mat, then quickly schoolboy pins him. Big Sexy puts Ace in several embarrassing moves. Ace recovers and picks Big Sexy completely off the mat by his legs. After carrying him around for a minute, he drops Big Sexy and pins him down on the mat. He pulls Big Sexy up by his neck and stretches him out for display. Big Sexy jumps up and wraps his legs around Ace's head, who quickly pile drives Big Sexy down on the mat. After giving Big Sexy time to recover, they lock back up and Big Sexy manages to get Ace's arms trapped behind him. He hold him there and grabs him in a few humiliating moves. He sits on Ace's chest and embarrasses him more. After Big Sexy lets Ace go, Ace rolls over onto his stomach only to have Big Sexy grab him again and pulls him into a camel clutch. He keeps holding in to one of Ace's arms in a standing arm bar, before pulling him back into a banana split/mexican table lift. There are some interesting dirty tricks used in this match, but we won't talk about them here, you'll have to see the match to find out what those dirty tricks are...This battle is an epic battle, one you don't want to miss!