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Atom vs Muscles w/ Big Sexy - Battlespace 41

$ 15.95
$ 31.59

Atom’s ready, Muscles is cocky, and the two go out at it right away. Muscles gets the upper hand and takes Atom into a painful full nelson lift. He’s so strong he’s able to pick Atom up off the floor, really stretching him out! He drops him down and immediately gets him up into a fireman’s carry, Atom is screaming in pain from having his body pulled and stretch so hard. Muscles is ready to dominate and isn’t taking it easy on Atom at all, he loves him down his back into a reverse full nelson, tearing at tom’s shoulders from behind!! Atom’s dying, but Muscles still isn’t letting up! He drops Atom to the floor and starts absolutely crushing him with his massive thighs in a body scissors. Muscles is just taking it easy, watching Atom struggle and fight for breath. He’s giving himself a little break after attacking Atom so savagely. When Atom isn’t screaming enough, he flips him over and puts Atom into a killer camel clutch! Atom’s neck is being pulled way back and he’s just dying. Big Sexy comes in to try and give Atom a break, gives him some pump up tips and some water, and the match is ready to start again. This time around, Atom isn’t having any of this domination. Atom comes in strong and immediately knocks Muscles down, he puts him into a sideways headlock and traps him down into the mat. Muscles manages to break free after awhile and puts Atom into a revers headlock, and then gets him into an upside down arm bar with his legs! He flips Atom over into a regular arm bar and starts threatening to break Atom’s arm. Muscles is yelling and screaming his victory cries, he’s flexing and trash talking Atom as Atom is squirming to break free. Muscles is loving this and starts flexing all of his massive muscles. He’s getting a bit too cocky though, and Atom manages to break free and starts trying to pin down Muscles!  Atom starts flexing in all his cockiness from getting a pin on Muscles, but Muscles is just more pissed off than before. He comes back at Atom even harder than before! He’s picking him up and slamming him on the mat, clothes lining him and knocking him down. He’s just toying with the smaller guy and flexing ll the way through. Atom’s getting slammed into the mat over and over again, he’s struggling to catch his breath when Muscles decides it’s time to get for some holds instead, and starts crushing Atom in his huge arms in a bearhug. Atom manages to break himself free and take Muscles down into backbreaker over his knee! For once, Muscles is the one stuck and screaming in pain! Atom is ready to keep on going and tries to put a camel clutch on Muscles, but Muscles starts showing off his raw power by doing push ups with Atom on top of him! Muscles is really strong, but Atom has a lot of fiery passion and is able to stand his own. Who’s going to come out on top?