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Rome vs Zed - Mat Wars 161

$ 31.59

Rome grips his meathook hands around Zed's and bends him in half in a test of strength! Zed fights back to his feet but Rome slams him down into a side headlock! Zed is in pain and Rome is flexing for the camera showing off his 270 lbs of shredded muscle. Zed runs up behind and jumps on his back! The attempt to take Rome down is fruitless and Rome wraps Zed up in a brutal bearhug! Rome flings his smaller opponent around the mat before dropping him and smashing his foot into his chest. Zed is once again painfully locked up in a test of strength and Rome literally lifts him off the mat by his wrists tossing him into the air!

At this point, Zed is in real pain. Rome sits on his victim's chest and hits a double bicep pose showing off his bulging biceps! Zed will not stay down. He keeps jumping on Rome's back or hanging on to his legs trying to slow the massive bodybuilder down anyway possible. Rome shows no mercy to the rookie Zed. He lifts him over and over slamming him into vicious over the knee backbreakers! Zed will still not back down no matter what Rome does! Up next is a massive series of agonizing choke lifts! Zed begins to pass out and is moving slower and slower as Rome inflicts more pain on his body. 

Zed knows he only has one advantage over his 270 lbs opponent...speed! He slips around the mat and in and out of Rome's grip until he sees his opportunity. He hits Rome with a low blow taking the bodybuilder to the mat! He wraps him in a rear sleeper and Rome is now the one in pain! Will Zed be able to finish the job in this INTENSE big vs little match? DOWNLOAD TODAY AND FIND OUT! 


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