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BlueRing vs Tarzan - Vault 15

$ 25.95

BlueRing:  6 ft. 155 lbs. vs Tarzan: 5'7" 170 lbs

Tarzan is aggressive and wraps up BlueRing immediately! BlueRing uses his height and leverage to take down Tarzan, but once on the mat Tarzan is the aggressor. A fast paced, high intensity rumble on the mat has both studs exhausted early!

Fans of sweaty wrestlers and heavy breathing this match is for you. Both men love having their hands on their opponent and do not hold back! You will go from turned on to worried for their safety in seconds! Tons of bearhugs and

Will there be a REAL KISS OF DEATH???  One of the wrestlers really goes for it... will he be successful or swing and miss that kiss?  Download and find out.