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Cason puts Blayne into a head scissors on Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Cason vs Blayne - Rough & Ready 104

$ 31.25

“I’m gonna take this bitch by storm – better watch out!”

After his amazing debut against Marco, the mighty Cason is back to take on fan-favourite Blayne!

We open on Blayne, in tiny trunks, going through his current stats and showing off “the best abs in Thunder’s Arena!”  Blayne has changed his training regimen lately and it shows!  Then there’s our most recent recruit, Cason.  The bodybuilder rookie has been causing quite a commotion and it’s not hard to see why!  Wearing purple trunks that fit like a second skin, Cason runs through his stats and poses for the fans – there is no denying that Cason has an incredible physique and he LOVES to show it off!  Blayne starts mouthing off about how Cason is a loser who doesn’t know what he’s doing – little does he know that Cason is in earshot and hears every word!  The furious musclehunk charges in, manhandling Blayne up into a Bearhug and tossing him around like a ragdoll!  Blayne whimpers in pain as Cason savours the long-lasting crush, his pythons digging deep into Blayne’s ribs!  Blayne tries to push himself out of the agonising hold, but to no avail – Cason is WAY too strong for that!  Blayne begs Cason to put him down – the musclestud does, but only to pull Blayne back in again twice as hard!  Cason’s lats and biceps bulge as he intensifies the squeeze!  Blayne can’t take anymore and submits to the bodybuilder’s power!  Wow!  Cason decides he’s having too much fun to stop now and scoops Blayne up into his arms, carrying him around the mat before bending him in an over-the-knee backbreaker!  Blayne is bent in half as Cason pushes down on his prone body, his incredible pecs glistening with sweat!  The hapless veteran has no choice but to submit again!  Cason plants his foot on Blayne’s chest, posing and flexing over him as he basks in his domination!  Cason looks like he’s carved out of marble!

Cason let’s Blayne go and continues to flex for the camera – but Blayne hasn’t lasted this long in the Arena without learning a dirty trick or two!  Blayne stalks Cason from behind and lashes out a low blow to Cason’s balls!  The musclegod crumples to the mat as Blayne looks on.  The superstar seizes his chance, slapping on a sleeper hold – but Cason starts to peel Blayne’s arm away!  The veteran responds with a BRUTAL Hammerlock!  Blayne can’t resist adding a PEC CLAW to increase the pain, crushing the slabs of muscle!  Blayne senses he won’t get a submission yet so he lets Cason go, confident that he’ll get the advantage again.  The two men go to lock up, but Cason feints and hoists Blayne up in a chokelift!  Blayne’s face starts changing colour as Cason’s vice-like grip crushes his throat.  Cason is absolutely enraged and floors Blayne with blows to the head!  Then Cason lets loose with a Standing Headscissors that rivals Steel’s!  Cason’s MASSIVE quads crush the living heck out of Blayne as the bodybuilder slaps his legs to squeeze even harder!  Cason takes them to the mat with Blayne still trapped between the pillars of muscle, but the veteran refuses to give!  Cason responds by SLAMMING his legs around Blayne’s head, over and over again!  “GIVE IN!” shouts Cason as he ratchets it up even more – “Ok, Ok, I give!”  Blayne’s skull can’t take any more pressure and he frantically submits!

The match is still not over as Blayne claws his way up Cason’s tanned, glistening body and slaps on a Full Nelson!  Can Blayne capitalise and comeback from the brink of total defeat?  Or is he destined for destruction at the hands of the musclegod?  One thing’s for sure – you’ll wear out your Pause button finding out!  Cason is a Superstar in the making!