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Marco stretches Blayne with a Boston Crab Submission in Thunders Arena

Marco vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 47

$ 31.25

#`1 Best Selling Video of 2017

The CAVE blog says, "In terms of the action, it's a lot of classic moves combined with ball punishment. The constant abuse features punches and knee lifts. Moves include bearhugs, a rack, over-the-knee backbreaker, hangman, bow and arrow, claw, cradle and a tree of woe variant using a chair. Marco's foot, knee, shin and hand all work his victim's wandering manhood. It's also stretched, pulled and squeezed by his own gear thanks to wedgies and trunk pulls.  This style of match I think will have a lot of fans. Marco fans will love his dominating heel turn and squash job fans will get their fill here, too. If you look at list of moves I highlighted, you'll see these photos only scratch the surface of the holds and moves in this humiliating revenge match."

Blayne turns up for his match with Marco, sporting a new leather jacket!  Blayne tells the story of how it was given to him by a girl he was with last night.  As he describes the encounter, realisation dawns on Marco’s face – Blayne was with his girl and this is his own jacket!  Blayne starts flexing, enjoying how the leather jacket feels, not noticing a seething Marco creeping up behind him until Marco’s hand shoots through his legs for a ball claw!  Blayne’s eyes go wide with surprised agony as he crumples to the mat!  “You think you can come in here, wearing MY jacket?!”  Marco is furious!  He yanks Blayne off the mat by his trunks, trapping him in a full nelson!  “Marco, I’m sorry!” begs Blaynem  ut it’s no use – Marco has a mean streak the size of Montana and when he’s angry…

Marco shoves Blayne against the wall, pounding his pecs and firing a hard shot into his balls!  Blayne is writhing on the mat in agony, but Marco is far from done punishing him!  Splitting Blayne’s legs wide, Marco presses down with his foot, driving his heel deep into Blayne’s balls!  To add yet more pain and humiliation, Marco pulls him to standing by his jacket, then reaches round and lifts Blayne high off the mat by his trunks!  Poor Blayne suffers the ultimate wedgie as gravity and his own weight add to his agony!  Blayne thinks the ordeal is over until Marco whips him around and applys the same hold from the front!  Blayne is gonna be singing soprano by the time Marco is done!!  Marco slaps on a chin lock, pulling back on Blayne.  “Did you have fun last night?” “Lots!” Wrong answer, Blayne!  Marco pays him back with yet another ball claw!  The scorned Marco is relentless!  No underhanded tactic is off limits to the furious musclestud!

Blayne begs for mercy, but Marco is not in a merciful mood – he scoops Blayne off the mat then slams him down over his knee in a backbreaker!  Blayne thinks his balls are going to get a break, but he couldn’t be more wrong as Marco yanks his trunks up and fires two vicious shots into his nuts – all the while a vengeful smile on his face!  Marco stands Blayne up against the wall and starts drilling his fist into Blayne’s abs before driving his big quad into Blayne’s crotch, grinding his nuts HARD!  Backbreakers, torture racks, arm locks, upside-down bearhug, a Boston Crab – and Marco is just beginning!  Wedgies, axehandle blows, and endless ball torture!

Can Blayne survive the wrath of Marco?  Can Marco find it in him to forgive Blayne’s transgressions?  Who will get the leather jacket?  This is possibly the most brutal, sadistic and painful-to-watch beatdown we have ever witnessed at Thunder’s Arena – definitely one for the record books!  Add it to your collection today!