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Achillies vs Meaty - Bodybuilder Battle 205

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Meaty stomps on the mat and snatches Achillies off the mat in a bearhug to "see how much he weighs". Meaty throws Achillies around the mat like a feather in the wind before doing bench press using Achillies as a human barbell! After a few curls of a human dumbbell, Meaty is pumped up flexing for the camera. Achillies is stunned by Meaty's power on the mat. He throws punches that bounce off Meaty's steel abs nearly breaking Achillies' hand in the process. Meaty slams a few punches of his own into Achillies nearly knocking him off his feet!

Achillies uses every trick he knows but Meaty is an immovable object! Meaty's feet are planted on the mat while he lifts Achillies upside down in a vicious bearhug before throwing him to the mat with a thud! Meaty grabs Achillies by each ankle and painfully begins spreading his legs further and further until Achillies is yelling in agony. Meaty envelops Achillies on the mat smothering every inch of him until he is fighting for air as Meaty begins draining his victim second by second. 

Power moves, Bearhugs, Choke Lifts, and some No Holds Barred Cheating highlight this big vs little beatdown! Download NOW to see Achillies earn his pay against Meaty!