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Brando vs Bronco - Bodybuilder Battle 201

$ 31.59

#1 BEST SELLER April 2024

250 lbs vs 230 lbs

Brando and Bronco push and shove for camera time because both guys are so big they barely fit on camera together! Bronco begins commenting how his physique is better and Brando starts gripping handfuls of Bronco's muscle! That is until Bronco yanks Brando up in a chest-to-chest bearhug and the entire garage shakes! A back of forth of muscles being squeezed together has moans of agony echoing through the building. Brando lifts Bronco from a bearhug up into a fireman's carry slamming Bronco down so he can flex.

Bronco shoves Brando away and locks in a deep full nelson grabbing mountains of pecs! Bronco's cocky attitude never waivers and neither does Brando! As the match wears on, both bodybuilders are gaining confidence and energy! Brando controls the mat engulfing Bronco in a sleeper. But Bronco is gaining momentum too and springs off the mat lifting Brando up! Bronco slams Brando down and cranks in a Boston crab submission! Brando suffers before breaking free and Bronco goes to fighting dirty! A HARD low blow sends Brando to the mat and Bronco wraps his legs around Brando's body like a constricting snake smothering its prey!

Long, intense bearhugs wear on both men's bodies and the agony of defeat is beginning to set in for one bodybuilder. A KNOCKOUT PUNCH sends one man flying off the mat and onto the concrete floor! And that is not even the ending! Download today and watch this AMAZING Bodybuilder Battle!


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