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Halloween Havoc 2021 - Bolt vs Dom9

$ 30.00

Bolt and Dom9 decide to be college wrestlers for their Halloween costumes this year so Bolt is flexing on the mat when his phone rings, but when he goes over Dom9 has already answered his phone. "I told your boyfriend you are busy." The guys move over to the mat, already in wrestling singlets, and get a start a flex off. Bolt decides that he is going to show Dom how to wrestle. He takes him down with a double leg takedown and then lifts him in a fireman's carry squatting him. When Bolt randomly suplexes Dom over on his head the intensity picks up and the friendly attitude fades when Dom gets angry. This begins the game of low blows and dirty tricks! Dom low blows Bolt before locking in a brutal chest to chest bearhug. Throwing him down he tears off his singlet and worships what is under! When they lock back up the wrestling match keeps going with Bolt shoulder throwing Dom on the mat and stomping on him before spreading his legs and shoving his heel between them and leaning down and grabbing a vicious ball claw. Dom doesn't have that and returns the favor while taking the rest of Bolt's singlet down. Bolt will not be out performed and rips off Dom's singlet now. He then locks in a boston crab and does another dirty trick to a hurt Dom. Dom gets up and uses his singlet as a weapon. Bolt drops to the ground and Dom jumps on top grinding into him with a crossface. Both studs roll around on the mat together trading No Holds Barred style schoolboy pins and uses ball claws and other dirty tricks to gain an advantage. Both men exhaust themselves before flexing together and worshipping each others' muscles. Bolt breaks the peace using a ball claw to take Dom off his pedestal. Dom returns favor and Bolt goes down! Dom climbs on top, but Bolt lifts Dom off the couch with a chest to chest bearhug. The match goes back and forth until DOM THREATENS TO BITE BOLT'S D*CK! When Bolt tests Dom, he does exactly what he says and takes a lingering bite! Dom climbs over and schoolboy pins Bolt and the BOLT BITES DOM'S DICK! The match continues until Cason walks in while Dom has Bolt up in a massive choke lift! Where will the match go from here??