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Halloween Havoc 2021C - Iceman18 vs Bolt

$ 30.00

The action picks up dramatically when Iceman has his hat ripped off and gets aggressive. He throws Bolt down and pummels him with gut punches! Then he puts him in an over the knee backbreaker and gut punches some more before punishing Bolt with a ball claw! He uses all of his 230 pounds to beat on Bolt and stretch him out in every way he can imagine. Bolt moans in pain until Iceman relents and lets him off the mat. He forces him to put his hat back on him and Bolt attempts a surprise leaping attack! Iceman catches him mid-air and throws him over his shoulder. He punishes him by spanking him before using another over the knee backbreaker and ball claw to add insult to injury. After being forced down, Bolt attempts to fight back, but is no match for the power of Iceman. He is lifted off the mat into a agonizing choke lift and thrown down. Iceman grabs a sharp pendant and uses it to scrape Bolt's abs and chest. He then threatens to stab Bolt directly in his groin before actually stabbing him! Iceman suddenly becomes ENRAGED and methodically tortures Bolt psychologically to put his hat back on him. He kicks him around the mat, bullying him before using a pumpkin as a weapon. Bolt turns the tables when Iceman loses focus and smashes him across the head with a pumpkin! Iceman is knocked out and Bolt uses the opportunity as payback using multiple VICIOUS ball claws to get back at his opponent! Bolt makes a mistake and lets Iceman recover and get momentum back. Iceman continues to beat down his masked opponent leading to a DRAMATIC scene using the stem of a pumpkin as a torture device and a Halloween unmasking!