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Kyle Stevens vs Bryce - Battlespace 18A

Kyle Stevens vs Bryce - Battlespace 18A

$ 34.75

Kyle Stevens vs Bryce

Bryce taunts Kyle which is not very smart, but nobody is calling Bryce the smartest in our bunch. Well Kyle is no bully but he sure is going to stand up for himself and the war is on! He picks Bryce right off his feet and begins flexing with Bryce laid over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Bryce gets uses a few dirty tricks to get free and returns the favor by school boy pinning Kyle, while slapping him around and slamming his head into the mat. You don't attack King Kyle like that and he flips it around and picks up Bryce only to slams him into the mat even harder! Smashing him into the mat, locking in body scissors to get the submission. Bryce breaks out and bearhugs Kyle, but Kyle counters with a lifting choke hold while flexing his arms. Lifts him higher then over one shoulder back breaker and drops down hurting Bryce bad! Nothing will stop Kyle and he locks on a reverse bearhug. Bryce breaks free to wraps his hands around Kyles throat and then yanks back hard for a powerful camel clutch. Brutal moves follow in long held mat work, lots of bearhugs, body scissors, head scissors. Then Byce takes a moment to flex to the camera but gets put a sneak attack full nelson by Kyle who has passed the point of messing around. domination mode has set in and he is going to destroy Bryce! This match gets brutal now as he walks him around the mat in a full nelson jerking him around and even slamming his head into the mat and back up. Kyle shows off his power by doing some rack squats with Bryce across his shoulder, flexing his massive thighs. More schoolboy pins with flexing huge biceps. Now it's time for bearhugs again, arms around Bryces lower back and squeezes pushing the air out of Bryce's lungs. Bryce slaps on a boston crab then puts an awesome variation to the boston crab and turns it into a standing boston crab. He then after some struggle piledrives Kyle into the mat, and does more damage with a head scissors! Will this be the end of Kyle? This match is very back and forth, you gotta see the great ending to find out! You don't want to miss all the flexing and posing and power moves like the gorilla press in this match! It's AWESOME!