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muscular man in camel clutch

Bull vs Cason - Rough & Ready 113

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Cason and Bull size up their competition flexing and chest bumping each other back and forth. Their mounds of thick muscle collide like freight trains. "That's 21 year old biceps right there. You're impressive, but what are you like 38?" mocks Cason. "Double your age; double your bicep." The vet isn't intimidated declaring it's his mat and about to show this rookie whose boss. Cason charges in with an underhook, but the 250lbs muscle monster is unmovable. "Not today, little boy muscle!" Cason swings around locking in a full nelson, but Bull easily flexes out again and again. "Pretty strong, I'll give you that!" The behemoth wraps his powerful pythons around Cason lifting him in a CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug, "Scream for me; I'm gonna break your back!" The vet groans in pain struggling to breathe and collapses to the mat. Bull reaches down to grab his victim, but Cason swings his legs up bringing the beast down in a reverse head scissors! Cason's tree trunk quads struggle to contain the muscle monster, and he escapes. With the vet still on his back, Bull pins him down with one arm and GUT PUNCHES Cason's chiseled abs. "My mom hits me harder than this!" Bull is not about to be disrespected and straddles the vet's head with his quads of steel, "I'm gonna squeeze that head right off!" "Good now I don't have to hear you talk!" Cason moans under the intense pressure as Bull flexes his cannonball size biceps. The vet can barely recover before the beast traps him in a CRIPPLING camel clutch then drops him to the mat. "Let's take a moment to admire a man muscle!" Bull plants his foot on the vet's back and flexes his thick muscles.

Cason struggles to his feet and delivers a vicious LOW BLOW sending the 250 pounder crumbling down. "My turn!" The vet stretches the beast in a camel clutch of his own. Bull is in agony and falls face first to the mat. Cason starts showing off doing push-ups on top of the muscle hulk's back sending him into a rage! The behemoth spins out and bearhugs the vet down on the mat. "It's your mat huh? I'm gonna show you your mat up close!" Bull GATOR ROLLS him back and forth with his bearhug locked in. Cason screams in pain as he's slammed around like a rag doll. Bull's torture continues as he lifts the vet in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. Cason is under the heavyweight's full control and begs for mercy, "Come on man, get off me!" He refuses, and Cason is forced to tap out under the intense pressure. The muscle titans tie up and a back and forth HAMMERLOCK BATTLE breaks out. Cason and Bull squeeze tighter and tighter each round; their biceps and boulder shoulders look ready to break at any moment. Cason transitions and locks in a tight full nelson, "See you break out of it this time big boy!" Bull is gassed; he struggles but manages to escape. What will it take to bring the big man down? The action intensifies: CHOKELIFT, gut punches, a vicious CLOTHESLINE! The muscle monster wraps his bicep around Cason's throat in a sleeper. The vet gasps for air collapsing to his knees struggling to stay awake. SHOCKINGLY, Cason summons his strength and stands back up! "What the?" Bull is in complete shock as he is elbowed in the ribs breaking his grip. Cason quickly jumps on the beast's back locking in a sleeper. A power struggle begins; the behemoth falls then gets back up. Cason SQUEEZES tighter, but Bull struggles to stay standing. Will Cason be able to bring the big man down for good? Fans of heavyweight matches will definitely want to add this to your collection!