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Justice v Bull - Bodybuilder Battle 134

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Who's ready for a nearly 500lbs BRUTAL Battle of the Big Boys? The mountains of muscle start with a flex off showing off their beefy pecs, bulging biceps, and chiseled backs. Playtime is over as the behemoths stand toe to toe sizing up their opponent and begin chest bumping and pushing each other out of the way! Their rock-hard frames COLLIDE harder and harder as Justice taunts, "Is that all you got?" A massive tie up has the vet lunging for Bull's tree trunk leg trying for a takedown, but the big man leans over pinning him down with his 265lbs! Justice changes strategy and tries for a belly to belly bearhug, but Bull is too strong wrapping his powerful python around the vet in a crushing guillotine choke. The muscle giant SQUEEZES tighter and tighter as Justice crumbles to his knees gasping for air, but incredibly, he tries getting up again and again with the hold locked in! "You are pretty strong!" admires Bull who isn't about to be outshown and takes the vet down for good. Justice struggles to his feet and finally gets a leg takedown dropping the behemoth on his back! With the big man dazed, the vet climbs on top of the mountain of muscle STRETCHING out his tree trunk legs and locks in a guillotine choke of his own! Bull struggles to escape the powerful embrace as Justice gets to his feet and falls back YANKING the giant's arm into a brutal arm bar! Rage builds inside the muscle monster as he flexes his powerful python, "Think you're strong?" Bull finally gets to his knees and breaks the torturous hold, "Good move, you almost had me!" Wanting revenge the behemoth barrels in wrapping his beefy bicep around Justice's throat sucking every last breath from his lungs. "You're not gonna pin me!" groans the vet as Bull pulls him down to the mat, "Let's go night night!" The muscle hunk is in trouble powerless to break free and taps out, but the behemoth keeps SQUEEZING, "Oh no, we don't play that here!" Justice is seconds away from fading to black before the devious Bull lets him go dragging him to his feet for more pain! A massive mercy challenge has both goliaths' bulging biceps shaking and straining under the intense pressure! The vet holds on as long as he can before Bull's viselike grip drives him onto his back nearly breaking his wrists as he cries out, "Mercy!" Even the behemoth is winded, "You're a strong mother f***er! You got heart; I like that!" Justice won't quit and stumbles to his feet wanting revenge. The vet charges in for a takedown pulling the mountain of muscle on top of him. He quickly wraps his quads of steel around Bull in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors, locks in an arm bar, and smothers the big man's face deep into his beefy chest. A power struggle ensues as Justice tries to contain the raging Bull then pushes him away, "You're a monster! Get away from me!" Back on their feet, the brutal back and forth battle continues: tight full nelson, BACK-BREAKING Boston crab, another vicious guillotine choke! The gladiators pour with sweat; their hulking frames completely gassed from trying to tear each other apart. "You're a little bit tougher than most of these chumps I get!" gasps Bull. "You're a lot bigger than all the chumps I get!" gasps Justice. Both muscle beasts begin circling each other on the mat waiting for their moment to strike! Bull barrels in first taking the vet down in a RIB-SHATTERING body scissors; his tree trunk quads pulverize Justice's insides as he begs for mercy, "I've had enough!" "Oh you're not done yet!" The muscle hunk peels himself up and struggles to stand wanting another shot at the big man. Another massive tie up leads to Justice WRANGLING Bull down face first to the mat; he quickly climbs on top of his chiseled back and wraps his bulging bicep around his thick neck."Go to sleep big man!" The behemoth struggles to break free as Justice rolls him over locking in a scissor/sleeper combo! "I'm not a quitter!" groans Bull as his beefy, hulking muscles grow limp in the vet's clutches, and he passes out! Justice stands to his feet over the fallen behemoth and escapes while the beast is down, "Screw this; I'm out of here!" Incredibly, Bull wakes up ANGRIER than ever and charges into the house, "Where do you think you're going?" Bull finds Justice and drags him back to the mat where ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!