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Loki vs Bull - Bodybuilder Battle 136

$ 25.88

"You ain't got s**t on these guns!" flexes Loki. "Guns? What are you talking about?" flexes Bull teaching the young buck a lesson, "Those are called striations if you don't know!" The goliaths compare their mounds of beefy muscle in the mirror. "Can you wrestle, or are you just buff?" mocks Loki. "Anything you can do I can do better!" declares Bull. The big boys lock up and try to tear each other apart with ARM-BREAKING hammerlocks! Their boulder shoulders strain under the intense pressure as neither gives up an inch. Bull goes back to flexing as the muscle beast pokes his meaty quads, "Little turkey legs there!" "Turkey legs? I'll take a turkey leg over a chicken leg!" mocks Bull. "These are prime rib boy!" flexes Loki slapping his tree trunk quads. Another tie up has Loki barreling in lifting the 265 pounder in a massive belly to belly bearhug as he groans in pain before being SLAMMED down! On his way up, Bull goes for a push up but is kicked back down by an angry Loki, "Get out of here with that s**t! Trying to get a pump, so you can look buffer than me?" Wanting payback, the behemoth wraps his powerful pythons around Loki in a RIB-CRACKING bearhug of his own, "Your turn!" Loki struggles to breathe; his 220lbs frame is powerless to escape the giant's clutches and goes limp collapsing to the mat. "Little boy!" mocks Bull flexing over his fallen prey. Loki peels himself up and challenges the behemoth to show him a double bicep, "Gotta see those small little arms!" "Watch and learn!" With the muscle giant distracted, Loki surprises him with a tight full nelson and WRANGLES the big man down as he tries to break free dropping him on his face. "Get up!" The beast straddles Bull and locks in a CRIPPLING camel clutch as he moans in pain and is slammed back down. Loki plants his foot on the giant flexing in victory; the camera zooms in close enough for you to reach out and touch his beefy muscle! The behemoth is in agony as Loki delivers a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab and another brutal camel clutch! "You gonna give?" Bull is completely gassed as his head is driven over and over into the mat after every torturous hold, "No, I'm not gonna quit!" Barely moving, the dominant Loki drags the behemoth up on all fours and wraps his tree trunk quads around in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors! Bull screams in pain as Loki flexes tighter and tighter, "You ready to give up?" "No!" The giant's face turns red as the intense pressure nearly causes him to pass out, but the devious beast lets him go for more torture, "How's that back feel?" "It's been better!" groans the big man as the ruthless Loki delivers another vicious Boston crab. Bull CLAWS at the mat trying to escape, but it does no good. "Thought you were gonna be more of a challenge? I'll let you get up." The dazed behemoth can barely stand wobbling to his feet. "How's that back? Want a little more deep tissue on that thing?" The muscle beast picks up the 265 pounder in another DEVASTATING belly to belly bearhug; Bull's already damaged back is on fire from the previous assault, "Felt so much better the first time!" Loki drops the big man down and POUNDS his gorilla sized chest with meaty forearm blows knocking the air out of him as he lays motionless on the mat. Even Loki is winded, "It's a lot of work throwing this big guy around!" Bull moves slow getting to his feet. "You ready to be done?" "I'm not done!" A massive mercy challenge has both muscle monsters struggling under their VISELIKE grips. "You're a little stronger than you look!" groans Loki. "I told you; I'm not done. Playtime's over!" Bull overpowers the beast dropping him to his knees. In desperation, Loki lets go and charges in like a linebacker for another belly to belly bearhug! The behemoth has never been MANHANDLED like this and collapses to the mat. "How you doing down there big guy?" flexes Loki taunting the fallen giant. Bull sees red and sends the over-confident vet CRASHING onto the couch with a dirty low blow! With his victim down for the count, the giant yanks Loki to his feet and picks him up for a brutal fireman's carry ready to rip him apart limb by limb! "I'm gonna barf!" Bull begins SHAKING the muscle beast like a rag doll as a grueling fight to the finish leads to a breathtaking end and a final sinister order, "Stay down!"