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Hero vs Caffrey - Custom Video Series 132

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Caffrey is standing by the fireplace waiting to start his next match. Hero stumbles in chugging a bottle of whiskey. Caffrey stares in disgust. "You know that's not going to make you a better wrestler, right?" Caffrey says. Hero replies, "Who are you?" The two wrestlers go back and forth until Hero tells Caffrey to take a chug. Caffrey confidently raises the bottle to his lips and takes a big swig of the whiskey. Caffrey then pushes Hero, and this does not go over well with the 230 lb. muscle-head. When he demands an apology, Caffrey laughs in his face. Hero snaps and picks up the leaner Caffrey in a massive chest to chest bearhug. Caffrey does not let up and continues talk smack while he is being squeezed by Hero. The two men fight through the hallway and into the office. Hero does not let up with the bearhug and continues to try and squeeze the life out of Caffrey. He eventually drops Caffrey down into a chair and flexes in his face. Caffrey tries to go back and find the alcohol again to help him in this match, but Hero grabs him by his hair, pulls him back, and locks in a tight rear sleeper. Caffrey relents and finally gives Hero some credit. Telling him he has some good muscle definition and he is a strong guy. When Hero buys into the compliments, Caffrey takes his shot and locks Hero in a bearhug of his own. He carries the 230 lb. Hero back through the hallway. All while commenting just how easy it is to carry him around. He squeezes Hero attempting to pop out his ribs, before dropping down on the couch and squeezing him from there. Hero struggles and fights his way out with Caffrey throwing him down and standing up to flex. He comments that the whiskey is really helping him and he takes another chug from the bottle close by. Hero tells Caffrey to come close because he needs to tell him something (the oldest trick in the book!) and he throws a CRUEL LOW BLOW taking Caffrey down. He takes his bent over victim and shoves his head between his thunderous thighs. Hero grabs Caffrey by the waist and lifts him upside down. He carries the stretched out Caffrey around the room making all the blood rush to his head. Hero throws him down and the back and forth smack talk continues with Caffrey claiming the alcohol as his own only pissing off Hero more and more. He grabs Caffrey and lifts him upside down again. Caffrey will not let up with the insults and smack talk to Hero. He takes full advantage of his flustered opponent and throws a hard elbow into Hero's sternum. He grabs Hero and puts him in another bearhug. He then throws him down and flexes with a foot pressing down into his opponent. When Caffrey bends over to pick Hero up, he is surprised when Hero shoves himself up and STANDS UP WITH CAFFREY ON HIS SHOULDERS! The display of power catches Caffrey off guard. Hero then starts to work over Caffrey with power punches and elbows before lifting him in another chest to chest bearhug. It is getting harder and harder for Caffrey to fight and he starts to toe the line between fighting back and passing out. After Hero squeezes Caffrey between chest slaps, Caffrey eventually taps out. Caffrey tells Hero great job and he deserves another drink. When Hero decides that is true and goes to get the bottle, Caffrey sneaks up and grabs Hero once again in a tight bearhug. The bigger, stronger Hero fights out and reverses Caffrey's bearhug to his own before slamming Caffrey on the couch in the tv room. Hero is really getting frustrated now with wrestlers on the roster attempting to out-bearhug him. He takes that frustration out on Caffrey even further. After bear-hugging Caffrey to exhaustion, Hero picks up his helpless victim into a fierce torture rack. He squats his suffering opponent multiple times before lifting him back into his signature bearhug. Caffrey cannot take the pain any longer and passes out in Hero's arms. Hero is locked in a rage and continues to squeeze the unconscious Caffrey. He carries him out poolside and paces with his victim. When he snaps out of his rage, Hero decides he is done and tosses the passed out Caffrey straight into the pool. Caffrey floats to the surface before fighting to the side of the pool. While Caffrey struggles awake, Hero pulls him out by his hair. When he decides he needs some more, Hero locks in one more bearhug squeezing the soaking wet Caffrey back unconscious. Will this be the last time someone tests Hero when it comes to bearhugs? Or is this dominating statement not enough?