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Sparrow vs Caffrey - Battlespace 148

$ 34.75

#1 Best Seller May 2021

Caffrey is getting some sun and having some modeling pictures taken while he has some down time, but he doesn't notice that Sparrow is watching him from the house. Sparrow slowly gets more and more curious and decides to get a closer look but accidentally makes a noise. Caffrey turns to find Sparrow trying to hide but makes him come out. "Hey! Who are you?" demands Caffrey. "I'm one of your fans." replies Sparrow. Caffrey insists that Sparrow leave, questioning how he even got into the house to begin with. Sparrow pushes further and initiates physical contact starting to give Caffrey a massage. Caffrey is obviously uncomfortable until he starts to loosen up a bit. When Sparrow mentions that he is also a wrestler, Caffrey turns the conversation to why he shouldn't just wrestle Sparrow and beat him up to get him out of the house. The massage turns into a wrestling match. Caffrey struggles to get control of Sparrow, but Sparrow's experience lets him easily handle Caffrey while he continues to massage and muscle worship Caffrey on the mat. No matter how hard Caffrey continues to fight, Sparrow will not relent. He toys with with Caffrey, making him flex and show off his muscles while playful slapping him on the ass and taking every chance to feel the wrestler's perfectly chiseled physique. The two men begin to get sweaty outside under the bright sun. Caffrey insists they go inside so he can call the police and get Sparrow out of the house. Sparrow refuses to leave the mat, but Caffrey locks him in a sleeper hold and drags him inside. When Sparrow still refuses to leave the house, Caffrey has to take it one step further wrapping a leash around Sparrow's neck and attempting to pull him out! Sparrow just enjoys Caffrey using a rope around his neck and gets even more excited! He takes Caffrey down and turns the leash on his opponent, choking him and taking more opportunities to feel Caffrey's body. Taking his muscle worship further and further Sparrow controls Caffrey brushing between his legs and using a ball claw for his own enjoyment. Dragging him back further into the house, Sparrow takes his time and calmly enjoys the physical contact with Caffrey. The amount of enjoyment Sparrow is getting really starts to piss Caffrey off he has had enough. He takes the leash and whips Sparrow viciously making him crawl out of the house like a dog. Will Sparrow finally leave or will Caffrey have to take it even further to get him out?