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zman cage boston crab submission hold leg submit pain torture thunders arena

Zman vs Cage - Bodybuilder Battle 34

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Considering the number of scrapes Z-Man gets into, its amazing how unmarked he is. Just look at that kisser! The man has the face of an angel, but the sleek, lethal power of a shark. The guy has moxie, all right. News that hes booked against Cage, a man whos got at least forty pounds of solid muscle on him, does not break his cool for even half a second.For his part, Cage cant wait to get Z-Man on the mat. Cage stretches back with his hands behind his head and sneers, He looks like a little boy. The trash talk escalates, and tempers flare. An insult to his native New York gets Cage up on his feet, ready to put some marksand dentson Zs glossy cover-boy perfection and squeeze that monumental ego down to size. Z-Man hurls his whole weight against Cage, and Cage barely flinches. Cage picks Z-Man up by the armpits like an eight-week-old puppy and tosses him off the mat. Z backhands Cages mouth, repeatedly, and Cage just yawns and smacks the male model across his million-dollar face. Cage grabs Z by the throat and hoists him up with one hand. At Thunders, you know the action sometimes careens towards crazyand here a forced feeding sequence will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief and possibly trigger that eating disorder you thought you had under control. Fans of prolonged bearhugs and swift, crackling backbreakers will not walk away from this steamy bout disappointed. The question is whether Z-Man is going to be able to walk at all when its over. But we know Z-Man is as sneaky and underhanded as his torso is chiseled and his hair, well coiffed. You dont have to be huge to apply a sleeper hold or deliver a low blow, just opportunistic, ruthless, and tenacious. Number 34 in the series delivers everything the words bodybuilder and battle imply. Its titanic action and bruising blitzkrieg from beginning to end.