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Uno vs Cage - Halloween Havoc 2010

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

Newly released from our vault

Trick or Treat! Kids trying to get candy is a Halloween tradition, but when Uno walks into the mat room and finds our latest rookie wrestler training well things get out of hand quickly. Introducing Cage who is a real MMA fighter and decided to step up to Thunder's Arena because he likes to hurt pritty boys. Uno thinks he's the best, which is why he wore a king costume for Halloween, but Cage puts him into some MMA submissions where Uno screams like a little girl right from the first round. This match is amazing to watch for all the ground work as they work in and out of guard trying to get rear naked chokes and arm bars. The chain wrestling from one move into another between these two is amazing to watch. Uno gets some advatages with his bearhugs but Cage quickly takes him back down with a flying head scissors. The GRINDING it out and punishment of these two hurting each other as they get the other one to SCREAM out submissions is way intense! There is a brutal sleeper hold that will leave you amazed. The loser of this match gets a humiliation ending where the other puts a pumpkin pie in his face.

Surprise bonus match included when you buy the DVD!