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Gunnar vs Cash - Ring Wars 101

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

A brutal match leads to pouring sweat, dirty tricks, and BLOOD! Arguing over who is stronger, Gunnar and Cash take their fight to the ring. Gunnar flexes as Cash worships his muscle then delivers a surprise full nelson SLAMMING Gunnar to the ground. A quick rear bearhug and tight full nelson has Gunnar groaning in pain; his face shoved into the mat as he strains to break free. Gunnar is rolled to his back as Cash mounts his abs, pins down his powerful arms, and STRETCHES out his legs. The veins in Cash's arms nearly explode from the intense struggle until Gunnar tosses him away! Full of rage, Gunnar wraps his quads of steel around Cash in a crushing body scissors then rolls him face first into a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors. Struggling to breathe, Cash escapes with a dirty trick sending the injured Gunnar crawling to the turnbuckle. Barely on his feet, Gunnar grabs the top ropes as Cash picks up his legs stretching him out MID-AIR! Hanging 5 feet off the ground, Gunnar is pulled farther and farther finally losing his grip and crashes down on his face. Dazed, Cash climbs on Gunnar's chiseled back SQUEEZING his thick traps harder and harder then wraps his forearm around Gunnar's face pulling tight. His blood boiling, Gunnar does push ups easily lifting Cash off him and rises to his feet hungry for payback. Cash is LAUNCHED into the ropes and bounces back picked up in a crushing belly to belly bearhug! Held tight in one arm, Cash screams in pain as a vicious pec claw leaves behind a giant hand print. Gunnar continues his torture lifting Cash up across his chest and POWERBOMBS him to the mat nearly knocking him out! The dominant Gunnar drops to his knees flexing in victory with Cash's skull in between his rock-hard quads. Gunnar gets up as Cash battles back with a sit-down PILEDRIVER and brutal arm bar using a leg scissors! His arm about to snap, Gunnar begs for mercy as Cash worships his ripped abs and chest. Powerless to escape, Cash mounts his victim's chest; his beefy glutes inches from Gunnar's face delivering back to back dirty tricks, leg/arm stretch, and a crushing belly to belly bearhug. Pouring with sweat, Gunnar recovers and stretches Cash between the ropes worshipping his shredded muscle as Cash gasps for air in a sleeper. Gunnar releases his hold and picks up Cash in a fireman's carry setting him down on the turnbuckle for a little flex off, but a dirty trick sends Cash CRASHING down from the top rope! The action heats up as Gunnar and Cash try and tear each other apart! A tight sleeper, powerful full nelson, grueling leg stretches, arm bar, tornado shoulder carry, wedgies, and BACK-BREAKING Boston crabs end in blood, sweat, and muscle worship!