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Jake head scissor cash

Jake vs Cash - No Holds Barred 155

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Jake is ready for another victim in this EXTREME muscle worship match up! A flex off begins as both hunks show off their mountains of muscle; the fun doesn't last long as a dominant Jake takes over, "Get on your knees; feel those muscles!" Cash begins to worship his quads of steel and chest, "I'm most impressed by those and the pecs. Massage my head; make me tap out just like that!" Jake wraps his pythons around Cash's head SQUEEZING his face into his beefy pecs, "I'm gonna make you worship these muscles!" The behemoth takes Cash down in a headlock and mounts his frame BURYING his face deep into Jake's ripped abs as he struggles for air. Both hunks worship each other's juicy muscles as Cash finally escapes rolling the bodybuilder to his back where he is locked in a body scissors. Jake moans in pure ecstasy as Cash runs his hands all over his beefy pecs and chiseled abs. The dominant beast is done being on the bottom and rolls Cash over in a CRUSHING head scissors worshipping his quads as he groans in pain. "You worn out from just worshipping? What are you gonna do, come at me!" taunts Jake. Cash struggles to his feet and barrels in with a massive belly to back bearhug SQUEEZING the air from his lungs then worships his beefy pecs as he struggles. With the behemoth weakened, Cash delivers a powerful full nelson as he fights to break free, "Not this time big boy, come here!" A tight headlock from Cash leads to a JAW-DROPPING embrace as both hunks wrap one arm around each other and worship their bulging biceps and chiseled chests. Their mounds of muscle rub together as they moan and groan in pure bliss. Jake breaks away first lifting the muscle stud in a massive shoulder carry, SLAMS him to the mat, and mounts his chest. Things get up close and personal as the dominant beast rolls his body over Cash's face demanding to be worshipped. "Hope you washed these shorts!" gasps Cash struggling for air. "Wet by your mouth!" Jake's brutal domination continues: a grueling leg stretch, tight cradle, and vicious sleeper have Cash struggling barely escaping with a dirty trick! With the behemoth on his knees, Cash leans over his back trying for a belly to back bearhug but is picked up and FLIPPED on the mat. "Where you going?" Jake stalks his injured prey and sits on his chest burying his face deep into his quads of steel! Intense pressure builds on Cash's skull as he finally escapes swinging his legs up and rolling his captor onto his back. "Stretch those hammies!" Jake screams in agony as Cash delivers a grueling banana split and YANKS on his neck! The brutal back and forth battle continues: bearhug, hammerlocks, crushing rear head scissors, and brutal dirty tricks! "Who's my b**** now?" yells Jake delivering a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors as Cash groans in pain crumbling to the mat. The behemoth drops to his knees mounting his victim's chest in reverse! Cash's face has full view of Jake's thick glutes as he struggles to breathe between his steel quads! "Nice and firm, get some handprints on them!" groans Cash SMACKING and grabbing handfuls of his beefy behind until he is let go. "I want you to worship this muscle. On your knees!" orders the dominant Jake dragging the motionless hunk up from the mat. Cash obeys and begins worshipping the bodybuilder until a vicious guillotine choke has him collapsing to the mat, and Jake gets his turn to worship some thick glutes. You think you've seen it all, but the muscle worship gets even more EXTREME. "I don't think you're sweating enough; make you start working harder! I like my b****es sweaty!" taunts Cash. "Let's see what you got!" challenges Jake. An upside down belly to back bearhug, crushing head scissors, titty twisters, and loads of dirty tricks lead to one of the HOTTEST finishes you have ever seen! It will leave you breathless wanting more!