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hot guys fighting thunders wrestling

Marco vs Cash - Mat Rats 100

$ 34.75

WARNING: The is one of the CRAZIEST no holds barred types of matches in Thunder's history! Marco hears that a new guy is talking smack about him around town at the gym. Word travels fast, so Marco challenges the trash talker Cash to put his money where his mouth is! The match starts off with an arm wrestling match. Both seemed evenly matched, but Cash takes the win on the both arms. Marco is PISSED and takes Cash to the mat getting in an easy schoolboy pin. He comments that Cash is supposed to be an all-star wrestler, but Marco easily applies a tight full nelson then transitions to a vicious sleeper hold! Cash almost goes out. Marco plants his foot on the "greased pig" flexing for the cameras. He locks in a MASSIVE camel clutch telling Cash he makes a good jobber and wants him to feel the pain. Marco stretches Cash's legs out. Cash is SCREAMING in pain but refuses to tap! Marco goes for a side headlock, takes Cash down, then starts gut punching Cash's abs. He locks in a head scissor and makes Cash worship his bulging biceps. Cash is being TOTALLY dominated! Marco stretches Cash's back out across his knees. Cash can no longer stand the pain and passes out! He wakes up and is put in another sleeper. Cash recovers and puts Marco in a front bearhug. Marco is not impressed asking Cash if that's all he's got? Marco applies a rear bearhug of his own then picks up Cash in a fireman's carry parading his victim around the mat! The veteran straddles Cash's chest flexing for the cameras then fold his legs over into a banana split. Cash takes advantage and ball claws Marco!! He mounts his revenge and straddles Marco's chest. Cash puts Marco in a tight full nelson asking him where's his biceps now? Marco is FURIOUS and declares it's now a NUT BASHING MATCH!!! Marco crushes Cash's balls with his foot then elbow drops him. He straddles his victim and ball claws Cash again. Cash is moaning in pain refusing to apologize! The rookie stupidly declares Marco will NEVER beat him no matter how hard he grabs his balls. Marco is up for that challenge and ball claws him AGAIN. With Cash laid out face down on the mat, Marco does a BASEBALL SLIDE right into Cash's balls!! Marco then grabs Cash's nuts with both hands lifting him off the ground! He stretches Cash's legs out again while ball clawing his victim. Cash is begging Marco to stop but he refuses. Marco demands a submission!! Cash's nuts can't take it anymore. He PASSES OUT under the pain, and Marco is victorious. Trust us, this match is so brutal to watch, you'll be feeling the pain for Cash's nuts too!!