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cason cradling blayne men cradling men

Cason vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 74

$ 31.25

Blayne is up to his usual antics, he was #1 last year at thunders and he won't let Cason forget it, he even calls him puffy, and asks how the happy meals have been treating him. Cason replies by ripping his shirt off than they grapple, Cason gets behind Blayne and puts him in a full nelson! "You're stretching me out" Blayne seems like he's really feeling it now, "Maybe you'll get a little taller" Cason wants Blayne to feel pain inside and out, Blayne tries to muscle his way out, and barely manages to. They grapple again, Cason pushes Blayne to the ground hard and puts him in a cradle, "I won't let you pin me not yet" Blayne doesn't want to tap today, Cason squeezes the cradle even tighter until Blayne just barely gets out of it. Cason wants him to feel the weight of his happy meals and puts him in a back breaking Boston crab! Will Blayne tap today or turn in around on Cason?